Any WWE fans in the audience?

Paul Heyman no longer in charge of RAW

Heyman may be a wrestling genius, but he was kicked out for the same reason he was relieved of running ECW, in that he didn’t have the write-ups done in time for the show. Guess that means Aleister Black, Austin Theory, and all the Hispanic wrestlers are going to lose their push.

They were going to lose their pushes anyway. They aren’t the type of wrestlers Vince likes, and Vince always has final say. Maybe Theory, but he’s short, which means he has to be at least 5 times more over than Corbin to be given a chance, and he’s only twice - 3 times at best - more over than Corbin.

But yes, Heyman has always been an unorganized mess. One would think WWE would know this and pair him with someone to keep him on track and let him be creative. But that’s how a smart business would run, rather than one simply looking for a revolving door of scapegoats.

Supposedly the burial of Heyman is starting. The U.S. Title match between Apollo and Andrade is now likely to be on the pre-show. Who knows what other petty stupidity Vince and crew have in mind for “Heyman’s Guys”. It’s not like anyone was being built up prior to Heyman. I understand Heyman’s a mess, but at least he knows how to get performers over organically. You know, as opposed to selling a match by one person throwing piss in another person’s face.

Well, I for one enjoyed The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, between Edge and Randy Orton, even though I think the title is still hyperbole. I was afraid WWE would troll us by making it end in 5 minutes with a disqualification, and thankfully they instead made it go 45 minutes of high drama and psychology.

It was a great match (though I think Daniel Bryan versus A.J. Styles on Smackdown was even better), but not the greatest. But if that’s what the boss wants to call it, that is what it will be called.

Lashley v McIntyre was really good but ruined by the finish. And the Street Profits / Viking Raiders stuff was just trippy fun. Had nothing to do with wrestling, but had me grinning despite that. Too bad they jobbed both Raiders to Lashley last Monday. It’s a lack of forethought that’s been troubling WWE for 3 decades. They job out their 2ndary title and tag title champions/top contenders regularly.

ETA: Apparently Edge tore his tricep in that match. Long recovery. So much for a SummerSlam rubber match.

The piped-in crowd noise soured it for me, but the Howard Finkel intro was a nice touch. At least they didn’t use Hogan’s Leg Drop of Doom.

Even though it was meant to be filler, I had fun watching the Viking/Profits segment. I also like Nia Jax’s sick sense of humor. “Where’s Kairi? Hah?”

Usually, I scoff at the “OMG, <insert name here> is turning heel” headlines in my newsfeed, because swerves are sometimes last minute booker decisions and depend on a number of factors, such as injuries, audience interest, and ways to end angles that go nowhere. In this case however, the speculation works because of serendipity.

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What really sucks is that Edge apparently suffered his injury during the reshoots. If they had just had a traditional live match, it might not have happened.

I watched from time to time, but who knew there was so much drama
I’m into it

It might have happened in the match after that. Edge isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore.

The board picked the wrong weekend to disappear for a few days, because a lot has happened in terms of sexual misconduct/assault/harassment allegations being raised against a number of wrestlers.

Among other things, Jack Gallagher has been fired from WWE, and Jordan Devlin, Travis Banks, Ligero, Velveteen Dream, and Matt Riddle are under investigation for sexual assault and grooming (though in Riddle’s case it appears he may have been a victim of cyberstalking.) Joey Ryan has been fired from Impact over multiple assault allegations and MLW has let one of its announcers go for sexting with underage individuals. A number of OVW alumni have come forward saying that, in exchange for a push, Jim Cornette would pressure them to have sex with his wife while he watched. AEW has sent Jimmy Havoc to rehab over reports that he self-harms and threatened suicide as a way of bullying women he was involved with.

More allegations are likely coming, and I’m shocked, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

Gallagher hasn’t just been fired, but completely ghosted. With the new allegations and text messages, if be surprised if VD will be around much longer. Supposedly WWE knew of Riddle’s allegations and thought the matter settled.

Lots going on, and none of it in the ring.

I remember when Ultimate Warrior ranted that Hulk Hogan offered his wife to him for sex. It sounded like another one of UW’s delusions, but in this case true.

I’m sure lots of hookups go on backstage, like when Paige videoed herself doing the nasty with Xavier Woods. Cornette talks about all the “ring rats” that Ricky Morton bumped uglies with. On the comics front, Warren Ellis has been outed as a groomer, and he’s copped to behaving badly without going into specifics. There’s more Louie CKs and Harvey Weinsteins being exposed lately.

I hate to read these accounts, and I’m sure I believe most of them, but I hope that no one is getting thrown into the world of baseless twitter accusations.

It’s weird because I hope most of the accusations are false, but them being false is bad for a whole host of other reasons than if they’re all true…which is also terrible.

Apropos of nothing: I’m watching the Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin WWF Title match at WrestleMania XIV, in which Mike Tyson fast-counted Michaels and then knocked him out. Did they ever explain why Tyson turned on Michaels?

CHIKARA is now shutting down after Mike Quackenbush has been hit with multiple allegations and much of the roster has quit in protest.

They probably won’t be the only small promotion to go under because of all this.

It was probably a way to have Austin win without Michaels looking like a chump. Plus, it would be “just desserts” for Michaels winning in a fast count over Bret Hart for the world title, even though it was Vince’s call.

Renee Young has covid, and PWInsider is reporting that at least two dozen WWE personnel, including in-ring talent and production, have tested positive.

It’s worth noting that Jon Moxley missed this week’s episode of Dynamite because of a potential covid contact - which, now that we know it was his wife, means he’ll probably be missing his title match at Fyter Fest next week.

Moxley isn’t until Fyter Fest Night 2, July 8, so if he quarantines away from Young, shows no symptoms, and passes the test, he might be available. Probably find out definitively by next episode, at the latest.