Any WWE fans in the audience?

Actually, I think Asuka does well with her limited English. She’s crazy enough on the mic, and she taunts and growls in the ring.

I watched one of her Youtubes, where she went to a Barnes & Nobles. She looked through their Manga section but said she couldn’t read the lettering because it was all caps. That explained why her captions were in lower case, but it had never occurred to me that foreigners would have trouble with capital letters.

I agree, but what we think is very different from what Vince and co think. My feeling is that Vince knows that Asuka has star power, so she gets the push, but Vince doesn’t know how to tap into it for his style of “sports entertainment”.

ETA: And the growling is a LOT less than in her Joshi days. My Og, that shit is annoying. I watch Stardom with the sound off, not because I don’t understand the announcers, but because the screaming in cringe-inducing.

I have hated Asuka from the beginning and continue to to this day. I have no idea what her appeal is. She has ZERO mic skills other than screaming and hopping around like a monkey, she has a very limited moveset that mostly involves kicks and the thing where she hits you with her butt and…well…that’s it.

I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to this opinion, and I’m not trying to convince anyone otherwise, but even in NXT she annoyed me and she’s only gotten more annoying as time goes on

While we’re at it, can we get rid of that disgusting green face paint that makes it look like her eyes are oozing Vulcan blood?

Those qualify as fighting words, Sir T-Cups! That’s my future ex-wife you are talking about!

Yeah, the green paint made sense when heeling it up and using the green mist, but it is far past time for a change.

I tried giving RAW a chance last night. Riddle vs Morrison was a good match and raised my expectations. Then Retribution lost again, and the Miz/Lashley segment had Shane McMahon come out. Click.

“Ratings are down?! Put a McMahon on screen! That always works.” :roll_eyes: I don’t blame you. The wrestling was good, but that was the only semi-competent segment.

Also Sir T-Cups, you are now safe as I’m now focused on getting revenge on Baszler.

Paul Wight, fka The Big Show, has joined AEW! He will be an announcer on the upcoming AEW Dark: Elevation, but the announcement made sure to mention he is also a “licensed” wrestler (whatever that means).

That’s one Big Show turn I never saw coming.

They’re being attracted to AEW’s creative freedom. Vicki Guerrero said on AEW Unrestricted it wasn’t like WWE where they expect you to say every word in the script and lecture you for an hour if you improvise.