Any WWE fans in the audience?

Didn’t they do one with that little valet guy recently?

I haven’t watched the weekly shows in ages, but according to Profightdb, Sasha Banks pinned Reginald on Smackdown in January. I stand corrected.

Still, I’ll be greatly surprised if Orton/Bliss actually happens.

If it happens it will be even stupider than that fight in January. Seems like they lower the bar for each new event.

IIRC (and I may not), I don’t think Reginald was allowed any offense, or if he was, the barest minimum.

I remember shortly before WCW folded, they had an intergender match. There was a Nia Jax-sized lady wrestler who went up against Screaming Norman Smiley in a garbage match. She smacked him with trash can lids and he screamed in the soprano range. It was insane. I’m not sure if that counts.

BTE opened with a segment that lampooned WWE’s latest rule against thigh-slapping during superkicks. A backstage guy had just finished telling the Jacksons a joke, and they laughed and slapped their thighs. Matt Hardy came in and fined them $500.

Sad it took getting a tooth removed to revitalize her character, but I think this may be the beginning of a heel turn for Asuka, maybe? Also sad that it is coming at the expense of Baszler, as I think the two could have a great, great match if WWE would let them. One of her last joshi matches was against Syuri, another MMA fighter, as it was fantastic. Not that WWE would give the women 20+ minutes unless Charlotte is involved.

Kana vs Syuri

It was a good match, and she needed an opponent like Baszler. Perfect for both of them since neither one knows any wrestling moves.

An anti-Asuka sentence! I love it!

I’m fine with Asuka when they put her in fights where that style makes sense.

But right now I’m falling deeply in love with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. She’s a dentist you know. That match with Thunderosa was really impressive. Baker’s conventional technical skills were always a little weak, but that doesn’t matter anymore as she’s gone all in on the heel character. She’s a natural heel, her career was a waste before this.

Ditto on the Baker/Rosa match. Women’s matches are getting more and more brutal, and the days of 3-minute Barbie matches are over.

AEW Dark wasn’t available on YouTube yesterday, but it’s on now. Supposedly Dark Order 10 bladed and that violates YT’s terms of service.

As for Asuka, she has my eternal devotion for headbutting Baron Corbin off the ladder in MITB.

Taz/Excalibur moment of the day

Ex (commenting on Jorel Nelson): Interesting fact Taz, Jorel is the name of Superman’s father.
Taz: I didn’t know that. I’ll file that under “Who gives a rat’s ass.”

Lately, I’ve been finding Stone Cold sessions educational. His most recent talk with Randy Orton talked a lot of shop about what they do in the ring to get fan reaction. They talked about pacing, when and when not to do a quick series of moves, and so on. They also had a montage of Orton’s RKOs, including the one where Evan Bourne (now Matt Sydel in AEW) did a reverse 360 into it. Orton said a lot of guys talk to him on how they can take the RKO.

Austin showed some clips of Orton taking on Undertaker back in 2002, and although UT was slated to win, Orton dominated most of the match. Orton said that when they went backstage after the match, Vince got on UT’s case for not squashing Orton. UT replied “Aren’t we supposed to put them over?”

Austin and Orton took a few whiskey shots during the show, and when they wrapped up, Austin said “Here’s to you saying the same thing to Vince someday.”

Just want to say how great it is to see Seamus and Lashley battling it out. Those guys are so big yet so old, and still outperforming wrestlers half their age. If we could only see a fight like that unmarred by storyline interference.

The older guys, especially the bigger older guys, know how to pace a match. They aren’t trying to rush from spot to spot to spot to get in all their stuff. That is what makes it so good. Even my favorite, who has the age and experience (but is definitely not ‘bigger’) rushes between spots trying to get everything in on every match.

@Knowed_Out , do you think Austin was needling Orton? Not that Vince gives younger talent any sort of chance. Orton, who more often than not delivers good to really good matches, never seems to give much of a rub to younger (in WWE terms) opponents. But 2002 and 2021 are different times, and I get the feeling that Vince is even less tolerant of dissension now.

That drives me nuts along with all the rest of the effects of over-rehearsed wrestling.

I’d say needling in a buddy way, like “You got eyes on that girl? You gonna nail her?”

Maybe Austin tends to think of Vince as the guy who made him famous and has no real idea what Vince is like to work with now. Plus, times have changed and WWE is more of a soulless corporation than a hungry wrestling fed.

There is an assumed pecking order among the talent that the rookies have to respect the veterans. Sami Zayn said he had heat when he sat in UT’s airplane seat by mistake. Mark Henry used to babysit Natalya and Tyson Kidd when he trained with the Harts. Orton got to the age where rookies run errands for him, so he’s reaping the benefits.

Plus, he just lost to Alexa Bliss in a cartoon match. He’s obviously got to the point where the big money payoff exceeds giving a shit about his heat.

I definitely get what you are saying about Orton losing to Bliss, but no one really benefited from that, other than maybe inching closer to the WM Fiend vs. Orton match. We’ve seen listless Orton, which was like Orton between his feud with Jeff Hardy until Edge returned. Now we’ve got energized Orton. If Vince really cared about building a feeder system (obviously he doesn’t), Orton could be a guy who makes a Riddle or a Ricochet or a Keith Lee shine even while Orton is winning, just like UT did for Orton. But I don’t think Vince is giving even an Orton that kind of leeway anymore, and it is quite possible Austin doesn’t realize it, like you said.

Truth to tell, watching RAW is like watching a terminal cancer patient hooked up to a roomful of machines to keep from dying. Orton’s just one of the many symptoms. I just appreciated getting to know the real Randy Orton, and I always like hearing the stars talk about what goes on behind the scenes.

Gotta gives some props to Dr. Britt Baker, DMD once again. She’s a dentist you know. Decent work on the mic last night. She’s got rough edges still but the attitude is there. She wore a crimson mask last week, you don’t see many wrestlers at all doing that anymore much less women wrestlers. You gotta admire her dedication to the sportsertainment.

I gotta wonder what the other dentists think of her, I’d think it’s really cool, she’s giving dentists a good name.

Please tell me her finisher has some sort of teeth-related name? Or they often have her kick her opponents teeth in or something?