Any WWE fans in the audience?

Bad Bunny freakin’ ruled in his debut. He hit a Canadian Destroyer, for goodness’ sake.

I love how people are freaking out about Bad Bunny hitting a Canadian Destroyer when Pat McAfee did literally the exact same thing a few months ago on AEW. Yeah, you could maybe say his is less impressive because he’s an athlete…but he was punter and, yes, they’re football players and in better shape than you or I, but they aren’t a skill position.


Really liked the main event night 1. I felt for Bianca when it started; she seemed genuinely overwhelmed.

Ringside was a super-spreader event; I could see the cardboard cutouts in the stands though. My joy for the wrestlers getting to perform before a live audience was greatly tempered by the fact that people still aren’t talking this seriously enough, half-a-million deaths into the pandemic.

Night 2 I felt wasn’t as solid as Night 1. The ending of Orton/Fiend made absolutely no sense, as did commentary pretending not to recognize Dabba-Kato when he interfered in the IC title match. Roman retaining is an odd choice, though someone on another board noted that technically Edge was on top of Bryan so he should’ve got the pin, and if they pursue that angle going forward it should make for good TV.

The mid-air brogue kick Sheamus hit on Matt Riddle was insane and was probably the best finish of the night, more than making up for the Fella’s botch a few minutes earlier. And if I never see the Bella Twins on WWE TV again, it’ll be too soon.

I don’t even want to see the commercials for their reality series.

8 hours of Wrestlemania is too much.

Rhea Ripley was ready for Asuka at WM. Then it looked like Asuka might have a Raw Redemption but then neither she or Rhea were ready for a rematch or for Charlotte. I got no idea what happens next, kind of hard to care. Becky and Ronda are lurking out there somewhere, Bianca is on the rise, and Banks hair has gone from annoying to hideous.

One more note about the women, Billie Kay got herself a WM moment, brief and minor as it was, she can wrestle a little and she’s a great performer. Glad to see she got a spot instead of her friend Peyton Royce. Royce’s entire talent is wearing a bikini. She’s damn good at that, but she can’t wrestle worth shit.

Fantastic match with Seamus and Riddle. Riddle is collecting a lot of receipts. Seth putting over Cesaro, or anyone else was kind of surprising. Reigns and Lashley are laughable cartoon heels.

Three-way at WrestleMania Backlash (ugh, what a horrid rebranding) and Asuka takes another pin. Asuka gets to be the jobber for a little bit for Charlotte and Rhea, and given how little the women are featured, she’ll get nothing else.

Ex-Retribution replaces Benjamin and Alexander? Someone get Vince out of there!

Personally always thought Billie Kay was better than Peyton Royce at what you termed her entire talent, but taste is subjective (unless it is mine, in which case it is objective) :sunglasses:

AEW Dark Taz/Excalibur convo of the day

Taz, during women’s tag match intro: That’s Amber Nova right there, wearing the silver.
Ex: There’s also “Amber Nova” on the back of her robe.
Taz: Well maybe some people don’t read as well as you.