Any WWE fans in the audience?

Well yeah, they just don’t have enough titles compared to the number of wrestlers. Sometimes they even have to hold non-title matches because of the title shortage. And yet not so long ago there were so many titles some wrestlers had to have two of them at once.

Not to mention that the NXT roster is basically 10 total people and that’s it.

I 100% blame Covid and the lack of NXT house shows, but NXT is so boring to me now for the same reasons people say the main roster is boring…it’s the same people over and over again. I legitimately have no desire to see Johnny Garbonzo wrestle for a title for the 100,000th time. Or see Kyle O’Rielly, or Adam Cole, or even Finn for that matter. These are literally the same headliners facing each other from three years ago.

Where is Kona Reeves? Rocky? Mars? I know these guys weren’t that particularly good (or if they’re even on the roster right now lol) but there hasn’t been any new talent in NXT in what feels like forever. Thank the Lord for Bronson Reed and even Karrion Kross because they’re the most different and unique thing we’ve had on the show for ages. We need house shows to come back because these lesser/newer wrestlers need to get time in front of a crowd and work to be put on tv.

While NXT is better than Raw (but, despite my future failed proposal wrestling there, dental surgery with no novocaine is better than Raw), the best way someone put it compared to AEW is that AEW is a mix and clash of styles, some that work and some that don’t, while every NXT match is obviously the WWE way. That’s not a knock against the talent, but WWE wants a very specific presentation and it is obvious. And given the lack of compelling stories lately, watching the same match over and over and over and over and over is boring. I’m on wrestling hiatus, just watching recaps and clips, and I’m not sure I’ll be tuning into Takeover or HiaC. WWE’s problem is at its very top, and it is souring me on something I’ve enjoyed for nearly 5 decades.

I remember how much of a flop it was when they tried to make Steve Austin “The Million Dollar Champion.”

They won’t do this, but it’d be funny if Grimes won the match, got the Million Dollar Belt, and then the glass breaking sound effect goes off and Steve Austin comes out. He stands in front of Grimes and tells him, “Dude, you just squashed your own career.” Then he gives Grimes the Stunner and walks away, shaking his head.

Grimes goes on to suffer humiliations galore, and comes to the realization the belt is cursed. He has to go to Mordor to throw the evil belt in the lava.

Grimes travelling to Mordor (or whatever equivalent they can get by the Tolkien estate) would be the most entertaining thing on NXT.

Nah, he would have to throw it in a volcano and would use the one attached to rainforest cafe at Disney springs

AEW Dark Taz/Excalibur moment of the day

Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico) vs Billy and Colton Gunn

Luther frequently throws Serpentico at their opponents, which is usually more to Serpentico’s detriment. Bill Gunn no-sold the attack, then bodyslammed Colton onto Serpentico.

Ex: Oh, a little Chaos Project offense!
Taz: I wouldn’t mind slamming Hook (his son) once in a while.
Ex: (guffaws)
Taz: It’s nice to be able to slam your son and get paid for it. That’s some good stuff right there, I’m tellin’ ya.
Ex: Welcome to AEW Dark Therapy. I’m your host Excalibur, with our patient Taz.

Soooo did William Regal retire from the GM position? Or he’s just not going to be on camera anymore? That didn’t make much sense

I think it was more of a way to make Samoa Joe’s return exciting. If Regal actually retired, WWE would have spammed the news everywhere.