Any WWE fans in the audience?

What made me crazy about the last time Goldberg wrestled was, he challenged Drew McIntyre, a face, because he felt he had no respect for the legends.

Meanwhile, on the very same episode, we had Randy Orton doing this:

And this:

Goldberg was directing his “no respect” anger at the wrong person. He should have been going after Randy Orton. . It made him look disingenuous. He wanted the title, pure and simple.

You can’t blame Goldberg for that. He just says whatever they write for him and cashes his paycheck. This is also why you get shows with 3 surprise roll-up and 4 DQ decisions. No one is looking at the big, or even the 3-hour, picture.

Strongly agree with the first sentiment. Disagree somewhat with the second. I think there is room for long title runs - not Sammartino/Backlund/Hogan length, but 2 years seems good - but not everyone can pull them off AND you would need smart, medium-to-long term booking to keep a steady stream of fresh contenders. And while I know TV is where the money is in modern wrestling, I would instantly, totally end hot-shotting the world titles, both men’s and women’s, every episode (although MitB cash-in would be an exception). IF you want to have a world title match outside of “PPV” (or what counts as PPV now), it should never happen on the same episode as the challenge, and televised world title matches should be marketed as exceptional for TV. But what do I know?

Bryan Danielson has reportedly signed with AEW.

Drove down to Dallas for Dynamite, had a lot of fun. Really glad to see Rey Fenix back. If you are, check out Elevation.

Yes, thanks, I am aware of how kayfabe works. Of course you do realize I mean it’s a failure of the writing. In any event, Goldberg vs. Orton would have been a bigger-money dream match than Goldberg vs. McIntyre, although I do understand what they were trying to do there, building up McIntyre as a beast-slayer.

Sorry, didn’t mean to insult. Just lamenting how whole shows, especially Raw but Smackdown and NXT also, aren’t written and booked as a single show but as individual segments and WWE keeps crapping on itself in the same 2-3 hour show because no one is willing to tell Vinnie Mac he is wearing no clothes. I can all but guarantee you that at least half of the writing staff saw the same disconnect you did, but no one wants to face VKM’s ire.

In any event, it makes Goldberg seem mercenary for just going after the champion regardless of who it is, from Bray Wyatt to Drew McIntyre to Bobby Lashley. Hell, he was allowed to SQUASH Wyatt. In any event, given that this is the second of two matches Goldberg has on his contract, it’s easy to predict how this one will go; I just wish they hadn’t blown those two matches on McIntyre and Lashley when there are potential dream matches like with Orton. (Not that Goldberg is good enough to make that any good). Hell, we could have had Cena vs. Goldberg at SummerSlam. Tell me that doesn’t put butts in the seats.

It probably does, PLUS it keeps two part-timers who haven’t wrestled in ages out of the title picture, so win-win.

I will continue to watch Smackdown as long as Paul Heyman is on it. He completely stole the show from John Cena and mocked his music. He made Roman Reigns hot in a way Vince never could. He’s not just a fucking genius, he’s a fuck you genius.

Wrestling Meme Time

Wrestling Marks: WWE is so annoying because all they do is let old-timers come back and take spots from the young guns.

Also Wrestling Marks: OMG I’m so excited to see CM Punk and Daniel Bryan wrestle Chris Jericho and Christian!

Ringside News is reporting that CM Punk has signed a contract with AEW.

For me, it’s more “OMG I’m so excited to see CM Punk and Bryan Danielson wrestle Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi!”, because being in AEW would mean they’d be able to work NJPW as well, and either of the former against either of the latter would absolutely blow the roof off the Tokyo Dome.

I think it’d be hilarious if AEW debuts a new tag team called The Conquistadors (provided WWE doesn’t still hold the trademarks), a couple of short guys who wear gold masks and body suits who look like a jobber team, but who show amazing technical skill and counter every “guaranteed win” move thrown at them. Everybody knows they have to be Punk and DBD, but they never unmask or give promos. They even wear tinted contacts so nobody can identify them by eye color.

They finally work their way up to a match with the Young Bucks for the AEW titles. The YBs use every play in the cheat book, and get the Good Brothers and their other stooges involved, when suddenly the camera points to a couple of fans in the audience who are Punk and DBD, just hanging out. The Conquistadors are actually Fenix and Penta in disguise and they use the distraction to roll up one of the Bucks for the win.

Jeff Hardy has covid, which I guess explains his absence from WWE’s vaccination PSAs.

Eddie Kingston joins Paul Wight and Tony Schiavone on commentary in AEW Dark Elevation, and he’s really adding some bro-citement. They had a funny exchange during Luchasaurus’s match with Jora. The Hardy family was at ringside. One of them got up on the apron, and Luchasaurus grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him on the rest.

Wight: AEW is where the big boys play!
Kingside: Dude, that’s vicious!
Schiavone: I’m having a PTSD moment here.

For context: WCW thought they could capitalize on Mick Foley moving to WWE by showing clips of him jobbing in WCW matches and having Schiavone say “WCW: where the big boys play.” This spectacularly backfired as Foley went on to strike it huge in WWE.

AEW Dark Taz/Excalibur moment of the day

Big Swole vs Diamante

Taz: Both these ladies, they got a lot in common. Their styles are similar, you know, they got that tough, physical style, both got ink on their bodies, they got a lot in common, they’re tough girls.

Ex: A lot of confidence and attitude.

Taz: Both from Florida I believe? Right?

Ex: Yeah.

Diamante is from Miami, and Big Swole is from…

Ex: Clearwater.

Taz: That’s right. See, I don’t try to try over the broadcast like other people do.

Ex: I’m sitting right here, Taz.

is it true cm punk is in aew?

I’ve heard the same rumors, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

The rumor is that Punk will debut in Chicago. Whether or not this is true is TBD. It is all but guaranteed Chicago sells out on the rumor, and there might be blowback if it isn’t true.

WWE has released three-time world champion Bray Wyatt. What the fuck is with this company?