Any WWE fans in the audience?



Or, for a more recent example:


The only word I think Smapti got wrong in his post is “only”. Probably would have been better to have said “mostly”. Not that it is totally bad, as a black champion often means other black wrestlers get more spotlight time than they would if there were a white champion…until Vince stupidly disbands the next Hurt Business. :roll_eyes:

AEW Dark Taz/Excalibur moment of the day

Ex is replaced by Tony Schiavone this week.

Anna Jay vs. Ashley D’Amboise

Tony plugs an upcoming show in Long Island.

Tony: I know that’s very close to you, Taz. For you fans, that’s right near Belmont Park.
Taz: That’s right. Belmont Park, which is right there in Elmont New York, heart of Nassau County, Strong Island. I just gotta get on my moat and take it right there. I got a moat, and I’ll just float right over there, know what I mean?
Tony: Heh, Absolutely. I know you got a boat.
Taz: Not a boat, a moat.
Tony: MOAT?!

All I can say WRT Big E is that we all also thought giving the belt to Kofi was a bit of pandering and it came with an air of “oh I can’t wait to see how Vince screws this up!” and Kofi proceeded to hold the belt for close to, if not, an entire year. His squash to Brock when he lost could have been better, but a skinny, black, flippy shit-type guy held the belt for a long time and I see no reason why the massive, black, powerhouse can’t do the same.

It was only 180 days, April 7, 2019 to October 4, 2019.

Cute Tweet by AJ Lee on the occasion of Big E winning the WWE Championship:

Oh damn really? It felt like so much longer! Well, I’m a bit less exaggerated with it, but my point still stands. He held it for a good while and won over a good handful of opponents during his run, I don’t see why the feat can’t be repeated.

Well, this is a surprise, but considering it’s Ric Flair, not really.

Impact suspended Tommy Dreamer for his comments.

Wonder if AEW will take similar action on Dustin Rhodes? Even though he was verbal instead of physical, it’s still not the type of thing they would want to be associated with.

i wonder if its gonna be on any of cornette’s podcasts…

i havent found the details but somethings going on with flair and AEW over it also

Dreamer’s issue isn’t with the flight, which is old news, but with the comments he made regarding the flight for the episode. While I haven’t watched the episode, from what I’ve heard he described it as “boys being boys”. That does not fly anymore. Can’t say for sure, but had he been more contrite and apologetic, which everyone associated with that flight should be, I don’t think Dreamer would have a problem with Impact. As for Flair, he’s standing by “it didn’t happen like that”, though I’m certainly not going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Honestly I’m surprised that anyone’s surprised - Ric has pretty much always been a drunken asshole of a womanizer. Hell, I remember WWE Network advertising a special 5 or so years ago where he bragged about flashing flight attendants while wearing his ring robe with nothing underneath and getting handsy with them.

This is the only time I know of Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence, getting in trouble with management. He’s always done unpaid work behind the scenes and gone out of his way to help with production. I’m sure this will blow over eventually.