Anyone else remember the alternate ending to "Big"?

Did they remove the topless scene from Big? I seem to recall a scene where the gf slips her top down and Tom Hanks gets all goofy and silly. Like a 10 year old would. They wind up playing video games instead of making love.

I rewatched this years ago on vhs and didn’t see that scene.

There never was any topless scene in Big.


What happened was hanks and Perkins character were going to fuck and they started to undress, rather he started to undress her and she turned the light off and he turned it back on, then the next shot was him coming into work in the BEST MOOD EVAR 'cause he got his dick in some pussy (offscreen) for the first time ever.

Like Father Like Son also came out right around the same time as Big and Vice Versa.

I was so glad someone else remembered this and posted about it…only to discover that this is my thread from 9 1/2 years ago. :frowning:

I watched the clip from Youtube. Hmmmm…it is similar, but not what I remember. I will concede that it is possible that this is what I saw and got mixed up.

However, my nearly 10 year old memory is identical to mine now. I remember that they were younger than the kids in this movie you linked to. And she didn’t slip in and sit next to him; she just stood by the door and smiled and laughed. The final shot of the movie was Josh laughing.

Still, glad to see the clip.

What the-!!! I totally didn’t notice that, lol. I almost (almost) actually slapped my knee.

You’re also confusing this with an earlier scene, when Tom Hanks first meets Perkins at the toy company, when he collides with her & Heard & Loggia, when she’s bending down to pick up the papers she shows enough cleavage that Hanks can see her bra under her blouse. That alone was enough to make him react like a 10-year-old boy!

Oops! He was actually a 13-year-old boy! Makes a lot more sense…


Okay, Wiki says that at the end Josh suggests Perkins use the Fortune machine to become a child too. I don’t remember this! Was this in the regular release?


That may have been the edited version. There wasn’t any nudity in the original, but once she got down to her bra, he placed his hand on her breast and just held it there awkwardly, like he was holding a piece of produce.

I haven’t seen it in years, but I do remember that scene. Perkins I believe is tempted for a second but then says she couldn’t go through the teen years again, or something similar.

Yep. I assumed that’s what aceplace57 meant by ‘topless scene.’ Not nudity necessarily.

I was thrilled when I saw the post that someone else had seen the alternate ending to Big. In fact, that was the first version of Big that I ever saw. I saw the “regular” version several times after that on TV and assumed that it had just been edited for TV. It was only a few years ago when it was revealed to me that others don’t know about that ending with the kids in the classroom. I have considered the idea that I may have been remembering some other movie, but the ending is very clear in my mind. I just watched the ending to “14 going on 30” and I know that I am NOT confusing those two movies. Possibly another movie? Maybe, but I don’t think so…
BTW, I’m from the Midwest, not New Zealand.

Snopes has a take on this. New Zealand again is part of the story, and there is a link to this sitethat sheds doubt on the existence of this scene.

There were 3 age change movies out that year, so I can see that resulting in confusion. But it’s certainly possible if this scene was ever shot that the NZ version had it.

Since this thread is full of accusations about conflating movies, are you sure you’re not remembering the date scene from Birdy and mixing it into your memory of Big?

Nope, that scene is definitely in the movie.

It is in the movie Big, but she does have a her bra on still.

I remember the alternate ending as well. I remember wondering where she was going to live…

I was working at the theaters at the time – Hanks had just moved up from the inane TV series and was putting out a constant stream of comedy movies. The non-nude scene everyone is debating was from BIG. The ending I recall was simply Hanks and the woman stopping in front of the kid’s house and saying goodbye, then Hanks gets out of the car. We see a close-up of the woman’s face as she watches him leave, and a surprise as ‘we turn around’ and see that Hanks has reverted to kid-size and is waving goodbye in adult-sized clothing. Then he turns around and heads toward his front door. Roll credits.


“I get to be on top!”

That’s pretty much exactly the ending described in the OP, practically word-for-word. I can’t imagine it being a misremembered ending from a similar movie.