Anyone ever get a good bargain at a Pawn shop?

Those of you who’ve gotten all this great stuff from pawn shops: are you at all concerned that this stuff had been stolen? Does that concern prey on your conscience?

I’ve heard oversight of pawn shops to prevent the receipt and sale of hot merchandise is pretty poor. My house was burglarized a couple of years ago and my VCR and circular saw were taken. I’m sure they ended up in a pawn shop. I don’t think I could bring myself to buy from one.

My friend in Nashville explained how NashVegas’s system works:

Every day he is required to file a report with the City Police of all items they’ve taken in on pawn, including any pertinent ID numbers, serial numbers, identifying marks, etc. If you don’t, they can come shut your place down outright. IIRC, certain items like jewelry, radios and the like cannot be placed up for sale until a certain period of time has passed.

He’s also very honest and a very sharp businessman; he knows when he’s being handed a line.

I’m going to agree with BunnyGirl in this instance - there apparently aren’t all that many pawn shops, and they’re probably the first place police would look for fenced goods if they didn’t keep good records.
Indeed, a good portion of the ‘How Stuff Works’ article I referred to in the OP ( )
was concerned with the record keeping required by the pawnshop manager so as to prevent any suspicion of him receiving stolen goods.

It is not always easy to get a great deal at a pawn shop but if you know the value of what you are looking for sometimes you can.
Sometimes you are just lucky, like I was. I bought a gold pocket watch for just under $150.00. Later it was appraised for $800. I don’t know much about watches but was just lucky!