Anyone seen 50/50? Comments?

Just watched it for the second time tonight, and loved it. Totally agree with the comments above about Seth Rogan, and the scene with the BeeGees tune.

I agree completely. It was impossible to watch the rest of the movie seriously after she was introduced. Half the movie was about real problems and this other half was MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE. You know what would have happened if he had a real therapist instead of a 24-year-old hot babe? He would have gotten back together with Rachel because he would have needed her. Even though Rachael was written as an impossibly horrific jerk. Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a great job except when he was being a puppy around Katherine; he just couldn’t overcome the script.

Seriously. Why is it that men cannot write a real women into films? They are not unreadable alien beings. They’re just people. They may even have senses of humor that would allow them roles in comedies. If the only roles you can think of for women are adorable hot babe or horrible hot babe or smothery mother, then get a new profession. You can recover from cancer of the body but not from this cancer of the mind.

Sorry for the (relatively fresh) zombie but I just saw the movie and thought I’d chime in.

I agree the writer has problems writing females, and this is always troubling. But I don’t think BDH’s character was simply a cartoon villain. She did not seem unsympathetic–she was very flawed, but in understandable, human ways. I mean, people do cheat in the real world. People do make promises they can’t keep in the real world. And people do things in order to try to prove to themselves (much less others) how good of a person they are in the real world.

Seth Rogan’s character saw her as simply a villainess, but I don’t think that’s the truth about her character.

The therapist storyline was probably weakest. (And don’t get me wrong btw–the Bryce Dallas Howard storyline was weak as well. I was just saying it wasn’t that horrifically unhuman as people have said.) As Exapno Mapcase said, the film didn’t seem to take seriously just how much of an ethical breach her actions involved. Not that this doesn’t happen in real life, but the film didn’t seem to communicate any realization of how serious it is.

OTOH it was a nice point Joseph Levit Gordon made toward the end–they’re both “beginners at this.” That’s a good point to write their relationship around, and that’s what the writers were going for. But she was just such a hollow-female character in so many ways. Unfortunate.

All in all, though, a great film I’m glad I saw.

I have seen 50-50 last weekend.It is an amazing and superb.I like 50-50 so much.I want to watch it once again.