Anyone still use a search engine besides Google?

I used to have dogpile as my homepage but now it’s which is a scaled down version of

It’s fast and clean and has tons of options depending on what I’m looking for at the moment.

I usually search with Google though, since that’s the main question.
If I know it’s out there but can’t find it with Google I may drift over to AltaVista.

Metacrawler does a pretty good job too.

I use The Bible Gateway for that.

For general searching, I only use Google, and primarily the Google toolbar. I haven’t found anything that works better.

I bookmarked that and I gave it a quick try. Blue Bible is really good though. If you get no results, try the secondary results section. It’s laid out like a concordance and can help you get around the different phrases used in different versions.

When you do get to what you’re looking for, the results include the verses around what you’re looking for.

It’s great when you’re searching for ideas rather than verses.

About the only time I don’t use Google is when I am searching to see what sites are linked to a particular site. I find Alta Vista seems to do a better job with this.

Yes, that bothers me a lot. I get a lot of returned pages that don’t actually have the words, but Google says the words appear in pages linking to the one Google is giving me. (once said they are “focusing on women”, trying to anticipate their questions and have hand-picked answers. And that’s their goal, their way to stem the rapid erosion of market share. But that kind of logic was in style a decade ago, when the net was small and the questions repetative. I doubt it will work today.

Yahoo also started a separate women’s page - very much like the women’s magazines you see at the supermarket, both in layout and topics (beauty, weight/fitness, food, children).

I personally don’t think women will go anywhere special. They have the same needs as men for the most answers soonest.

I hate that Yahoo thinks that I want all my image search results from Flickr. I usually have to run the search with “” or go insane.

I’ll use Yahoo to get different results than Google when I’m doing a generic search, as opposed to looking for something specific.

My wife often uses GoodSearch which somehow donates ad revenue to your selected charity. It uses Yahoo’s engine.

One thing I love about the Google toolbar is that if you only kind of know what you’re looking for, their dropdown guesses thing can be really handy. Like if you know some famous person’s name, or some piece of art or architecture, but not how to spell it, you can get halfway through trying and poof there it is on the list, all spelled for ya :slight_smile:

Didn’t we just have a thread about ‘Is Yahoo defunct’ or something? Anyway, I said (in that thread) that I mainly used Yahoo for searching.

I’ve recently discovered, however, that Google lists our blog very high on some specific searches, while Yahoo doesn’t even have us listed. At all. It makes me wonder what else Yahoo is missing.

I still don’t like that Google has a bunch of barely-related search types that load different pages and lose your input string, but that makes Google inconvenient rather than ineffective.

I don’t like that Google, more and more, tries to guess what I’m ‘really’ looking for, and thus returns a bunch of non-related results. It also seems that too many people know how to ‘game’ Google, so that the first results are usually shopping sites.

Gads, I know. It’s incredibly annoying, plus images from Flickr often make the ‘size’ selector for the search irrelevant, since a lot (but, maddeningly, not all) of Flickr images are available in multiple sizes.

This is one reason I like Yahoo, as it does this on the web page. is my homepage, but I’m just a rebel like that.

I’m about 60/40 Google/Yahoo. As a few others mentioned, Yahoo’s drop-down guesses are pretty handy. Yahoo is my home page at home because I like seeing a couple of headlines. At work, I use Google because I don’t need one more temptation to screw off.

Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Dogpile, Google, Google, Google.

My preferences, in order.

Not exactly on topic, but an amusing memory: When I started a job in 2000 one of the guys there wore a Google ball cap. He said he bought because he wanted to support the little guy…