Anyone watch Sons of Guns on Discovery?

U mad, bro?

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I’m a bit disgusted with the phony drama this 2nd season. Stephanie is a grown woman with a kid. I think she can decide who she dates.

I don’t think a show about gunsmiths needs this crap anyway. I could care less who the lady dates or doesn’t date.

I’m getting tired of the over the top projects too. They aren’t weapons any of us can own without going to prison.

Some of the tests are just silly. Tasing somebody to see if a gun mount works? WTF is that? Shot the thing at a target. Someone experienced with tasers can tell if it came out correctly. A mount for the unit shouldn’t effect how it works at all. I’m not sure a shotgun with a Taser is a good idea anyway. Cop gets excited and pulls the wrong trigger. Bad day for the perp. You can’t make a mistake like that if the taser is on your belt where it belongs.

The idea of pointing a shotgun at someone that you only plan to tase is disturbing.

"Captain, set shotguns to ‘stun’! :smiley:

I stopped watching after the episode where they made the 1000 yd. AK-47. One of the gunsmiths asked for a precision gauge for measuring the chamber he was cutting into the extremely expensive barrel they bought. I don’t know a lot about high-end long-range shooting, but I do know that getting the headspace correct is absolutely critical for accuracy. And we’re talking thousandths or ten thousandths of an inch here. Will’s reply to this utterly reasonable request - “You’ll do the job with the tools I give you, or I’ll find someone who can.” What an asshole.

I live in the Baton Rouge area and usually like these type of shows so I gave it a shot. It comes off as way too formulaic and forced. Then there’s all the goofy shots of swamps as if B.R. is like full of bayous and alligators, which it isn’t. Also, I found the daughter to be annoying.

That bugged me too. If I was a high end gun enthusiast, that one sentence just killed my interest in using that shop for anything.

I think this was the last episode for awhile.

They fixed the hydraulics on a WWII artillery piece. It was pretty cool seeing it fire and blowing holes in plate steel.

For me the best part was fixing a guys antique Winchester. Really nice watching that old rifle fire again.

The fake drama at the end had my eyes rolling. Place sir, can I date your daughter? He did everything but pucker up and kiss that fat ole man’s hairy ass.

Give me a break. :stuck_out_tongue:

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