Apocalypse Impending, yes or no?

There are a lot of terrible things happening, but there have been a lot of terrible things happening since the dawn of mankind. My feeling? That in fifty years, the world will not be what we think it will, but it will still be.

Well Kevin Federline supposedly has an album coming out…

There are people(a small number) that would like to see the end of the world because it is easier to think they will go to heaven,be picked up in the air etc. rather than to try to solve the problems in their lives and the ones in the world. Like on ‘Raymond’ when he says,“Come on Comet”:). If the world is still intact in the year 3,000 there may be some who are hoping for an Apocalypse. People in Biblical times hoped for it then because they were supressed under the rule of Rome.

The New Testament quotes Jesus as saying," this generation will not pass away until all this has been accomplished" The generation passed, so then people decided it must not mean the generation of that time.


I’ve got plans for the weekend, so I’m gonna go with “No.”

I figure I’ve got better-than-average chances of surviving a mild apocolypse.* Working in a museum has given me the madd skillz of cloth-weaving, herbal medicine, primitive food preparation and home brewing. (And I’ll sure know where to get all of the tools I’ll need!) I know how to farm, hunt and butcher, as well as the methods for storing food without refrigeration.

My mom is somewhere between “vaguely paranoid” and “weekend survivalist” meaning that she has her own generator, water sources that require no electricity and about five years worth of home-canned foods. I figure Hubby and I will set up camp there with my Jack Russel Terrier as our guard dog.

When the apocolypse is impending, I’m going to buy as much liquor and cigarettes as I can lay my hands on. (The best trade goods there are.) Between that and the fact that I’ll be the only girl on the block who’s making butter, I figure I’ll be very “wealthy” and high-status in the post-apocalyptic world. If all goes well, I may be able to turn that status into adoration and become the queen. Bow down before me, my children, for I am the only one who knows how to salt-preserve your beef!

So, you know, an apocalypse might not be all that bad for me. :wink:

  • “Mild” meaning the earth is still habitable, but society has crumbled.

Hijack here, but THANKS! I have been wondering what the title to this book was for years. I remembered reading this book when I was young and loved it.