Are ESPN Classic writers high?

No that was there too. Though it was somthing he could have done if he tried. It was more the birds blunder I guess.

The Top 25 blunders in Sports?

My vote for #1 would be Caroline Marcil’s rendition of the national anthem last April.

No pun intended, I’m sure. :wink:

I love these kinds of shows, but it always makes me upset that not every entity cooperates and lets ESPN have use of the clip. As I recall last time I saw one of these, anything involving the NFL was not accompanied by the actual clip. So to all the leagues and networks: lighten up on your exclusivity rights- let ESPN use the clips so we can have some fun.

Jackie Smith. ouch. you had to bring that up. I think that might be the worst moment for any cowboy fan. to me, it’s even worse than the catch.

And I agree with the band is on the field moment. There’s like 5 blunders in about 20 seconds and one very good ref who doesn’t call the play dead. classic.

Is there a film clip of “The band is on the field!” available somewhere?

Or even just an explanation of it?

I think the National Anthem blunder of all time belongs to Rosanne, and who ever thought it was a good idea to let her do it.

I was surprisingly unable to find a good description of it. What it sounds like is a kick return at the end of the game, with five laterals and blunders galore, ended up with the ballcarrier crashing into the endzone and running into the band, who had come onto the field in anticipation of their team winning.

That’s pretty close, except that the band was all over that end of the field. The final ball carrier had to weave through the band the last 15 yards or so, capping it off by just flat out leveling some poor guy carrying a tuba just as he got in the end zone.

Yeah, that’s how it went. Stanford, led by their QB… whatsisname, something Elway ;)… went on a drive and kicked a field goal to give them the lead with 4 seconds left. California receives the kick, nearly has a player tackled, laterals about 5 times, and returns the kick for a touchdown… running the last 15 yards or so through the Stanford band, who assumed the player was tackled and the game was over. The tuba player got hit headon by the ballcarrier.

I found this:

From here:

For the “Band is on the field”, one of the laterals was forward, I think the last one. It’s hard to tell though because the player stays ahead of the ball the whole time, but both are moving forward.

ANd I don’t think Buckner deserves any blunder recognition. It was a missed play, but there was about a dozen things the Red Sox did wrong before that. And remember the game was tied before the Buckner miss.

Agree. Buckner’s play wasn’t particularly stupid or the result of poor decision making. He was injured and just didn’t have the ability to make the play. Unfortunate, but not a blunder.

I woulda liked to have seen the guy go off the side of the ski jump, just for old times sake. . .

Keep in mind that skier one was ABC footage so ESPN wouldn’t even have to ask to use it. They could have used it in some sort of lead-in to the show just to appease us old farts.

Here’s a sports board thread on athletes (all sports) who’ve managed to injure themselves, including non-game injuries (which obviously wouldn’t count in the ESPN show).

I vaguely remember Miami Dolphins WR Duriel Harris spraining his [ankle? knee?] while spiking the ball after scoring a TD, during an early playoff game, in the early-mid '80’s. Don Shula, absolutely livid, instituted a team “no spiking” rule the next day. I think the 'Fins managed to win that game but lost the next… Does anybody else remember this? I haven’t been able to find a cite online.

As far as baseball blunders go, did Babe Ruth’s blunder to end the 1926 World Series make the list?

Representing the tying run on first base with two outs in the final game of the World Series, he takes off on an attempted steal of second base and gets thrown out.

Inning over!
Game over!
World Series over!

Yankees lose! Th-uh-uh-uh-uh Yankees lose!

(I really, really hate John Sterling’s radio calling of Yankees games.)

The throw would’ve beaten him. This is a routine play with the pitcher covering 1st. While Mookie was fast, he was not going to beat the pitcher to 1st base.

But I do agree with the reasons for not including Buckner. One other reason that Buckner doesn’t belong on these lists is that the choke was already accomplished. The Red Sox had already blown the lead. The Mets had already tied it. The Buckner error allowed the winnning run to score, but the Red Sox squandered a 2 run lead with 2 outs in the 9th.

I don’t agree with the Stanford marching band or the girl forgetting the national anthem. How are these sports blunders? The list should be limited to athletes or members of the team staff, and referees.

I agree with the rest of your observations about Buckner, but Jackknifed Juggernaut hit this one on the head.

It’s not a matter of whether Buckner could have beaten Wilson to first; it was simply a matter of whether the pitcher could have beaten Wilson to first. And i don’t care how fast you are, it’s very unusual for a batter to beat a pticher to first base in this sort of situation.