Are Monoliths Real?

This came across my feed today:

Aren’t they found in rather remote locations? And aren’t they fairly heavy?

How are they getting there? Drones? Is somebody driving out there and assembling it once at the location, then covering up their tracks?

Probably just carrying them in. Two people could move one pretty easily, I think.

ETA: If I were going to do it, I’d rig-up one of those over-the-shoulders straps that movers used to carry refrigerators, and use two people, with it suspended between us.

Or toss it in the back of a Jeep, or something.

Also, I rather suspect that the first people to report “finding” each one are probably, in most cases, the folks who put it there.

Also, as has been pointed out, it is not a real monolith, just metal and concrete, which may be somewhat to much lighter and can be assembled on site.

A real “2001” sized monolith weighs over 5 tons.

I’m not sure what size you mean by “2001 sized monolith”. The monoliths in the book/movie came in a variety of sizes. What they had in common was the ratios of the lengths of their sides: 1:4:9 (and 16:25:36… in higher dimensions).

At any rate, the first monolith appeared in a Seattle park on New Years Day, 2001. All these others are just second rate copycats.

The one in the book is described as being in a crater on the Moon, made of some jet-black material, “about ten feet high and five feet wide”. Later they find more monoliths around Saturn or whatever.

Right. “Monolith” means single-stone i.e. it refers to an object that is one single mass of one single rock.

But the ones they found at Saturn (or Jupiter in sequels) were much larger than TMA-1 (the one they found on the Moon).

Interestingly, ‘Einstein’ in German also means “single stone”.

As I like to point out, A Stone understands gravity.

Indeed, when it’s rolling downhill failing to gather moss.

I think people are putting too much into the “lith” thing. E.g., glasses (eye or drinking) may not be made of glass. Note also the word “monolithic” which does not mean “made from a single stone” in many cases. E.g., it is also used to describe organizations…

I blame whoever is responsible for Toynbee tiles.