Are other mammals, like humans, able to indulge in positive memories at will?

If a cat or dog is feeling depressed, can it access good memories to cheer itself up like humans often do?

I know this, on first inspection, seems like one of those things it’s inpossible to know without being a dog or cat (or other mammal) but I ask because I know science has somehow managed to get information that would fall under the categotry of ‘how is it possible to know this without being the mammal in question’

When my dog is annoyed, he takes a nap and dreams about chasing cats. Unfortunately he always wakes up right before he catches it!

All we can have is a good guess with the technology available at hand. That good guess is “yes” based on scans of mammalian brains as well as the fact that we can, and they’re not THAT different from us. No cite.