Are people in Israel starving?

The criticism is that many conservatives actively support CUTTING food benefits for hungry Americans while donating to charities abroad. Do you have examples of liberals calling for cutting benefits domestically?

Apples and oranges. One is private charity and the other is government spending. Many conservatives view those two things quite differently. Unless those conservatives who favor domestic cutbacks are urging the Israeli government to spend more money on food for the poor, then there isn’t any hypocrisy.

One generally should not hold one political side to the standards of the other, because they start from different assumptions. Works both ways.

I am of course well aware that some people go hungry just about everywhere.

Our local food bank does direct mail appeals and I think (but am not certain) I may have seen a billboard or two asking for donations. But I don’t remember any other television commercial asking for donations specifically for food. Disaster relief, sure. General requests for donations, you bet. But give money to send a food box to a hungry family in a specified area, no.

TV appears to be a means of advertising food banks in some areas of the U.S…