Are pregnant bellies a private part?

Perhaps the person who protested to People has a particular preference for pregnant pornography. And while they prefer to keep their perversions private, they put up a presence of prudishness in public. Preview and… post! :smiley:


Back in the mid-70s, I had a friend who sunbathed in an itsy-bitsy yellow bikini when she was 9 mos. pregnant. It was virtually unheard of, back in the day of tent-like maternity clothes. I thought it was adorable. I’d have done it, too, except I was pregnant in the winter. :wink:

Um, yeah, I’m kind of with UrbanChic. Again, it’s a personal hang-up, but…

I don’t mind just seeing one. I work in a place that saves babies, for og’s sake, and there’s all these brochures and literature with pictures of pregnant bellies all over the place.

However, I don’t like moms with big huge bellies dressed slutty or provocatively. :eek: Also I don’t like when they’re wearing dirty filthy clothes and can obviously afford better (for example, driving a nice cat or something.)

Ok driving a car. No one drives a cat.


You can if you have the right set of clubs…


My pregnant belly felt private and was offended in fact when my FIL asked to see my 7 month belly with my first. (I blushed deeply and said no.) However, I’ve seen others pregnant bellies or photos and not felt as though I was looking at a “private part”.

A mitigating factor may be that I have never worn clothing that bared the belly, so that is probably why my belly feels private to me. Yet I live in a tropical climate where bare bellies are frequently seen and not thought of in general as “private”.

It amazes me when folks who read People magazine get offended by this kind of stuff. They must realize they are buying an entertainment magazine that makes it’s money on gorgeous pictures of actresses in skimpy outfits. Come on.

And anyway, what business it is of anyone’s what someone else chooses to wear? Why is this society so prudish when it comes to the nude body? Kate could wear a top with deep cleavage and no one would say anything, but her pregnant belly is somehow offensive? Puh-lease.

Body beautiful, I always say. I’ll never understand why people get so worked up over it. Jealously might play a part.

We live in a society where killing thousands of people in a foreign country is ok, but a nipple during the superbowl is considered a crime against humanity. But, I digress…

I wore a bikini any time I went swimming during my first pregnancy, though this time by butt is too big to look decent in a skimpy suit.

I also took belly shots each week and shared them widely with friends and family.

So I’d vote, NO a pregnant belly isn’t indecent.

I remember way back when ultrasounds were just starting to be a big thing, my local newspaper did a feature on them, complete with a picture of a mom-to-be with her belly uncovered for the procedure.

Some old biddy wrote a letter to the editor saying “Shame, shame on that woman for baring her pregnant belly…” And this over a picture in an article for a medical procedure.

I just don’t get people sometimes.

I drove a Cougar once.

Kind of hard to hide a pregnant belly. Maybe we should got back to the times when pregnant women were considered obscene and forced to stay inside.

As to strangers touching your belly, touching anyone’s body without their permission is rude, obnoxious, ridiculous, and often illegal.

[shameless hijack] A friend of mine once went to a club seven or eight months pregnant wearing hot pants and a matching bikini top. It was awesome. In a beautiful, sexy way, I mean. Well, in a large, round way also.[/hijack]

I work where there are several pregnant teens and some of them really like to show off their tummies. I my recent experience, it has been the anti-breeders who have been squicked out by pregnant bellies, whether on display or under tent-like maternity tops. A few others find it aesthetically unpleasing, but on the whole it has been the “No way am I ever having a brat” crowd that I have heard commenting on the skimpy outfits.

I sort of know how you feel, but it’s the presentation I find off-putting. The professional photography sites have lots and lots of pictures of pregnant women, and 90% of them have their bellies exposed. I don’t get it. It’s not as though they are wearing an outfit that naturally leaves the belly exposed in most cases, but that they look (and are) only partially dressed. Why?? I don’t think buttoning the shirt would make you unable to realize she’s 8 months along, but if you wanted to take a picture like that to show off your belly wouldn’t you rather wear something that looked natural as opposed to like you were ambushed by the photographer while getting dressed?

Do you say the same about photos of non-pregnant women in similar states of dishabille?

Never seen a non-pregnant woman on a professional photography site that had her closes half unbutton, so I haven’t formulated an opinion on the matter.