Are tattoos way overplayed by now?

The 'your tattoos will be ugly when you’re old! argument doesn’t hold much water now that I have seen several heavily tattooed elderly folks. Your whole BODY looks like crap when you are 60+ compared to your youth, having full sleeves and chest tats looks pretty darn cool, certainly no worse than crepe-y aged skin.

I’m 27 and don’t have one, which makes me a rarity in my crowd. Most of my friends and co-workers within 10 years of my age have 1-3, several are covered. I’m actually considering it for the first time ever, the main thing holding me back is the expense (because of course I would want something very specific and extremely well done).

To each his own, but this thread is why I don’t get tattoos. Any style, art, clothing, whatever changes over time. Could you imagine getting a hairstyle in 1988 that you had to wear permanently?

Don’t you look at old pictures and laugh your ass off at people you know because of the clothes, facial hair, style of eye wear, etc. that they have?

With tattoos, you can’t change it. If it looks goofy in 20 years, you still have it. And you don’t have to be 80. Get a tattoo at 18 and have it look stupid at age 38.

Just MHO…

You are kidding yourself. Seriously.

I rather be tattooed than be under the delusion that I’m a mind reader.

Not mid reading, just an opinion based on the sort of irrational defenses offered by the people who got them. The fact remains, a person at 18 has no idea what their opinions will be at 81, and it is just plain presumptuous to think they would be able to. I’m just looking at this from the perspective of one more than half-way there at 51, and I know just how different I am at this age than I was at 18.

Yep. Me too.

I swear, when I go to Lowe’s or Home Depot in the summer, I am the only customer not sporting a tattoo. It’s gotten to the point that having a tattoo = conformity.

I have no tattoos. Hence I am the ultimate rebel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but your face is a mess.

Look, listen. Ok. This is what people are trying to get through your thick skull: How is it any less presumptuous of YOU to think that you know better what someone else will regret later than what they think they will regret later? Your argument is one enormous fallacious fail. I don’t even *have *a tattoo, and you’re pissing me off. Did a tattoo kill your father and rape your mother? :o

There’s some truth to it though. At 24 I had a Jim Morrison poster in my living room. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it would be to have that now.

I don’t know if tattoos are way overplayed, but Straight Dope threads on them sure are.

What IS it with this place and tattoos, anyways? Seriously, the Dopers are always going on and on about how open-minded they are, but somehow tattoos are like, OMIGAWD, YUCKY!!!

People aren’t trying to be “rebels”. They’re getting tattoos because they LIKE them. It’s not for you. Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get one. People KNOW they’re permanent. Are their bad tattoos out there? Of course. But there are also some really good ones. Do some people regret their’s? Yes, that’ll happen. But I’d say most people don’t. What’s it to you?

Plastic surgery is probably more common than tattoos, and you don’t see nearly as much bitching around here than that. And I’ve seen a LOT of bad plastic surgery.
(And the idea of someone having a tattoo when they’re in their eighties? Kickass! Go granny, go!)

Last I checked this was a fact based messageboard. A quick google suggests the percentage of people who regret having tattoos is somewhere between significant and very high. Is it your theory that such people got tattoos thinking they would regret it later? I doubt that is correct. And unless that is your theory, then it is simply fact that such people have not known what they will regret later.

Consequently anyone who is aware of the statistics on tattoo regret may well know better than the regretters themselves what they will come to regret. Obviously such statistics can’t predict exactly who will regret their tattoos, but overall it is more accurate to say that many people will regret their tattoos than it is to say that people getting tattoos know if they will later come to regret their tattoos.

Really, psychological research that reveals that sometimes we don’t know ourselves very well is quite commonplace. There is no need to speculate on the cranial dimensions of a poster, or come up with wild theories about that poster’s hidden motives, merely because they posit such a thing.

We skew in the 40ish age group. That’s all. I just turned 50.

I hate tattoos, but I’ve never voiced my opinion here. I get it that different generations are into different things. I have teenagers and I hope to hell they never get tattoos, but I’ll still love them if they do.

Tattoos for older generations were limited to the likes of sailors and prostitutes. It’s hard to break the mould for a lot of us older folks.

Honestly, I find them very ugly. I’m a product of my generation. I will try not to pass judgment but it’s very difficult.

The equivalent a generation ago may have been long hair. Adults could not understand why males would want to have long hair and look like females.

“Sometimes you can’t hear them talk, other times you can. And it’s the same old cliché is that a woman or a man?”

This stuff’s been going on forever, but hairstyles are alterable: tattoos are not. Tattoos are ugly and repugnant to me. But I defend your right to get them.

(And the obligatory, get off my lawn.)

Yeah, this.

I think they look shit, I’ve never seen a tattoo I like. So you know what? I won’t get one. And that’s where my opinion ends. Well, I guess I can still think they look shit on other people, but beyond that? Getting all annoyed by it? Starting discussions about it? Meh.

Marley was totally threadshitting though.

I prefer to be non-tattooed. I don’t mind general members of the public displaying tattoos.

And he has torn his dress.

I always figure those with tats dislike the look of their bare skin. I like mine. Perhaps when I get old enough to dislike the way I look I’ll get some. I don’t mind what anyone does with their skin but I can’t help thinking it’s a shame to see an otherwise shapely and would have been good looking woman covered in them. It seems a defacement to me. Bare skin is so beautiful until you age.

But that’s just me. Cut your nose off to spite your face if it makes you happy. It’s your nose. Show those close minded nose wearers.

I think this is a fascinating thing to say to people with tattoos. I also think it says way more about your preconceptions than it does about tattoos. Tattooed people aren’t doing it to spite the non-tattooed. They’re doing it because they like tattoos.

Do you go around claiming women are defacing their beautiful body when they apply eye shadow? Get their ears pierced? Pluck their eyebrows? Paint their nails? No, because those have become socially acceptable. Tattoos, by and large, are now just as acceptable to huge sections of the world, and this antiquated, perhaps even paternal “I know better” attitude is bizarre, even when it comes from other women.

Scratch, in hindsight I believe I’ve unfairly singled out your post, when my larger point was directed at others. You’re not saying some of what I’m railing about, and I should have put more effort into my post. My apologies.

But on the other side of the coin, a lot of people who like tattoos view anyone saying anything bad about them as a personal attack. Done right, a tattoo can look awesome, but I dislike most of them because most of the time they’re done horribly.

That’s okay. I do understand some see ink as an enhancement and beautiful. That’s fine for them. I like bare skin. It’s a disappointment for me when it’s not. I don’t care whether that is acceptable for others or not as it is something that just is. Maybe I was harsh in how I said that and it rubbed you wrong. I understand that. It’s cool.