Are there any >2 letter sets that always create a word when jumbled?

But this is a strange criterion. Dearth obviously has more combinations than earth, as does earths. Then of course wreaths beats that, etc.

It’s guys like you who take the fun out of stuff. Now I can’t try for more. :frowning:
Unlike OP–unless he really has done an exhaustive check–i think there must be a name for this anagram game. Recreational language people are a formidable lot.

<Off to do absolutely no research whatsoever>

I don’t know of any specific name for it. There are those who try to find as many anagrams as they can for a given set of letters, but I’m not one of them. They don’t restrict it to just dictionary words, but allow all kinds of names and coined words and whatnot. They usually look for fairly long sets of letters such as AEGINRST or ACEINORST.

In my posting above, I had a 7-letter, 8-word set:

After posting, I noticed MikeS had this letter set, but had antsier in his list. So that makes it a 9-word set. I’m sure this (and all the other) sets of words could be greatly expanded by allowing names etc.