Are There Fruits That Don't Make Good Pies?

I made combo apple-and-pear pies a couple of times. I don’t remember for certain why I stopped, but I seem to remember that the pears were hard to slice and once baked turned noticeably mushy.

Also there is such a thing as sweet potato pie. Apparently it is used as a substitute for pumpkin pie, or at least that was the way our grade school cafeteria used it. I’m assuming giant cans of sweet potatoes were cheaper than giant cans of pumpkin.

Hell, it’s my whole meaning for being.

(c’mon, a lot of you wanted to say it!)

Some of the Thai fruits, such as one called chompu. I think it’s called “rose apple” in English, but it’s not an apple at all. I dislike it because it’s often so bland that it tastes like celery!

As much as I detest durian, I’ve not minded durian cookies and ice cream I’ve tried, presumably because they dump a ton of sugar in with an ounce of durian, so maybe a durian pie would not be too terribly bad. Maybe.

Jackfruit and pomelo would make very bad pies.

They’re pretty good, actually - texture is a bit like a blueberry pie.

I forget who first gave me that link but it was a Doper. They’re a LOT of work though - took me about 2 hours to prep the grapes for 2 pies, and my kitchen smelled like a Welch’s factory had exploded. But we’ve got half of a pie in the fridge, and the filling for another one in the freezer.

There are plenty of recipes out there for frozen watermelon pies that are essentially sorbet or frozen chiffon in a pie shell. But I did find a recipe for a baked watermelon pie.

Won’t some Doper venture off to make it? And when come back…

Do the hot pineapple pies at places like MacDonald’s count?

How about cantaloupe pie? It would seem to me that would actually be easier to prepare than a watermelon pie.

Seeds in a big wad in the center vs. seeds dispersed throughout the flesh? Hell, yes, cantaloupe would be easier. Let us know how it turns out!

Avocado pie.

God, that is like something served to prisoners at Guantanamo!

Not quite. I find that green tomatoes have a delightful tang that’s different from apples. I make a green tomato mincemeat pie filling that is really tasty.

My local supermarket was selling grape pies just last week. I considered buying one but they were fairly expensive and I figured I could make my own for less.

And it’s not a fruit but my grandmother used to make onion pie. Which was pretty good.

Freckafree’s link to watermelon pie also had a link to a pie made with The Official Meat Product of the SDMB: Joe’s Incredible Bacon Pumpkin Pie

Have many people have mincemeat pie? I’ve never even seen one in person, and the idea of one makes me kind of queasy. I like mincemeat cookies, but the thought of mincemeat as a pie filling…

As for other fruit pies, I don’t think kiwi pie sounds very good, either.

I suppose your definition of “many” may vary, but practically everyone in the UK eats them, around this time of year.

You couldn’t say no, could you?

They’re pretty standard in the US as holiday pies, too. You see shelves and shelves of them in the supermarket, every “pie shoppe” has them, and it’s often a dessert option for restaurant dinners around this time of year.

Had mincemeat pie in Texas. Very good, too.

I’ve had watermelon rind preserves. I wonder if the rind could be incorporated into a watermelon pie.

There are many recipes for grapefruit pie. My mother used to make one (her own recipe) and everyone loved it. Since she was diabetic she never put a lot of sugar in anything. But her grapefruit pie was not at all bitter. I’ll see it I can find her recipe.

Not around here, they’re not. I’ve never even seen one.

I was just at a local Safeway and they were selling mincemeat pies there. Maybe its absence is a regional thing. In any case, I’ve had mincemeat pie a few times and while I don’t hate it, I would probably pick nearly any other type of pie over it.

Incidentally, here’s a recipe for cantaloupe cream pie.