Are there high and low roads between disparate groups of political protestors?

I disagree. Here in the Chicago area, a ready reference is the Nazis desire to march in Skokie (a largely Jewish burb.) As odious as the Nazis are, I have a hard time objecting to their right to peacefully march/assemble/speak.

Certainly far preferable to folk looting under the guise of BLM protests.

A few protesters was all it took to occupy a Chaz, torch police stations, and cause 100 millions of damage? If the politicians and DAs did their jobs instead of enabling the behavior of the ‘summer of love’ most of that could have been avoided. How many sent to prison again? We know the FBI can move fast when it is politically necessary.

I agree with this. If politicians and DAs had been doing their job and had properly charged police officers for unjustified killings, there wouldn’t have been a need for a protest movement.

Are you referring to Seattle’s east precinct, where trash was piled against the wall and set fire too before cops put it out a few minutes later?

Yeah, well, if you bust heads and tear gas people in the face in preference to arresting them that’s gonna be a hard number to make big.

The joint chiefs felt the need to release a memo reminding service members of the oath they took to defend the Constitution in only one these cases.

Huge difference.

Message from Joint Chiefs on U.S. Capitol Riot