Are we still bolding other members' screen names?

But it doesn’t double-secret bold it.

Like I said, Discourse bolds the @ notation (in its fashion). You CAN’T unbold it or add bolding to it. So if BigT says he uses @ notation or bolding but not both, then he’s confused. I’m not discussing what discourse does with a non-existent user (@A_NonExistent_User) because it’s non-existent.

I’m going to venture a guess here that he means that he’s never actually tried both at once.

But you can add italics (and presumably other formattings too):

@needscoffee versus @needscoffee

ETA: I am using one of the SDMB-specific themes I think. The @ format includes a grey cartouche, just like in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Now if only it would include a “base” on the left or right end like a real cartouche!

Me too. I always feel like nobody reads threads, or nobody acknowledges that they are re-stating something that someone already said. So I like to take the time to @ a poster when I agree with them (or argue with them I guess) to let them know that I did read their post and I agree/disagree with what they said. I would want people to do this for me, as well.

Most of the time it’s accomplished by quoting or replying, though. But sometimes that @ comes in handy.