Are You A Freemason?

There’s another thread about this somewhere. You’ve got to be a free-born, God-fearing male.

Well HELL YEAH for a chocolate chip cookie! To be an Eastern Star though, not so much. :slight_smile:

No really I don’t think I’d want to be part of an organization where you would feel the need to lie about your beliefs even for tradition’s sake.

Yeah, as I thought of my question a bit deeper after asking it, I got where you were coming from.

Also it seemed like Rainbow was more Christian oriented. Several of the colors represented in the ceremonies had Christian based speeches. We had to learn to recite for ceremonial purposes all the stations, including representations in the colors of the rainbow. Orange was religion, green was immortality, etc. Then you moved on to the stations of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Could have just been our particular lodge though.

What I remember the most was how much fun it was to go out as a group after the meetings because we got the strangest looks, all twenty of us running around in our floor-length modest white dresses.

I do not believe MeanOldLady.

I am a Native American.

Why not?

Nzinga, you crack me up. I love reading your posts.

Nope, I’m a Stonecutter.


Under the Yeses. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nzinga, especially Redwing, for your informative and interesting posts. CateAyo, I did know you were NA. I hadn’t realized you were a mason also.

Sigh. MOL is so stupid.

Tesseract, I’m glad I can pull a giggle outta ya!

ETA: Stupid = slang compliment.

Can you explain why you don’t believe her? I don’t see any reason not to.

I am not a Freemason, do not intend to ever become a Freemason, and don’t care or know anything about what they do. Or at least that’s what I thought until recently. The thing is that I do know about the ceremonies that are performed in Mormon Temples. A few days ago I learned that Joseph Smith created the Mormon ceremonies by taking masonic ceremonies and changing a few words. So I guess I know more about Freemasonry than I previous thought.

Her vagina. Not that I can actually see it, per se.

According to wiki, there are some orders for women. Or do those not count as Free mason groups?

The OP asked if people are a member of Freemason societies.

The Order of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls, are all societies affiliated with Freemasons that have women participants.

The Order of DeMolay as a Freemason associated society of teenage boys.

As a former member of Demolay I fit in a fuzzy area of the poll. I have been in a Freemason associated society but I do not plan to join the Freemasons.

Folks, I am not a Freemason. I am --and this is true!-- a Stonecutter. I singlehandedly hold back the electric car.

Well, the title asks one thing and the body asks another, so you’ll forgive my confusion.