Are you paying more/less attention to news? Planning any specific action?

I’m reminded of something my dad said to me after the election of 2016, when I was depressed: “We survived the Holocaust, we’ll definitely survive Trump.”

(Both my parents are Hungarian Holocaust survivors.)

I stopped following the news so closely after the recent Supreme Court decision regarding presidential immunity. It’s just depressing. I’m still getting some news though. I haven’t cut myself completely off.

I like to scream at the news on occasion.

Tonight it was my local(statewide) news.
Big banner over threads of the anchor. Something about Israel. Spelled I-S-R-E-A-L.
Come on, people. Spelling is easy to confirm. On a TV program. Not a late breaking news item. Just an info piece.

I’m not so worried about mis-spelling, grammatical errors or punctuation generally.

Trump crap? I can’t be het up. I’d be screaming all day.

Like others I do still pay attention to the news on a daily basis. Probably more so than I should. I consider time I spend here on the board to be a part of that as I do see smaller stories brought up here from time to time that either grow to be bigger, or provide important context to larger stories.

That said I do recognize the effect that news consumption has had on me recently. I wouldn’t say that it’s gotten me depressed or anything as significant as that but it is alarming in a very real way. When I start yelling back at the screen I know it’s time to take a break. While keeping up on important news stories everyday, I do make sure to make time to do things and spend time with hobbies that are not related to anything in the news. Or politics or trump. I do that for my own mental stability.

Concerning specific action…

I live in central Michigan so I am smack in the middle of a swing state. Going from even a small college town into rural areas around me is like going back in time. I have more recently began discussing politics and current events with certain friends and family members, and I will say I credit the Dope with allowing me to present my ideas in a persuasive manner that I might otherwise not be able to. I’ve straight up lifted arguments I’ve read here on the board in real life discussions. This is only with friends and family members where there is already an understanding of where everyone stands. We do not argue, we have “debates” or “discussions.” For the most part I have found that this has worked.

I’m not one to volunteer I’m afraid to say. I will be voting of course. Getting into random political conversations around here just doesn’t always feel like a good idea. And I would never launch into a discussion about political issues with a total stranger. Too many mines around here.

The news we get here in the US about what’s going on over there doesn’t feel encouraging to me. I hope that is a misapprehension my part based on what news we are being fed.

I think a lot of people focus much too closely on national elections - a lot of the real power comes from the bottom up. Just as an example, imagine for a second if we had a Democratic president, Senate and Congress - it would be within the realm of possibility that Roe v. Wade could become law via Congress. That - along with a number of other things that could improve people’s lives - is impossible right now with current composition.

Look at the states that have had referendums on abortion law - when individual people have actually had the power to vote on that issue, we can see the will that’s there regardless of the politicians who are in office. Meaningful change requires people come out and vote in high numbers for regular elections that don’t have hot-button issues, though, which seems to be a real problem.

Getting as many people as possible out to vote is crucial, and I plan on helping with that any way I can. At least I can say I tried.

I am amazed that you can have productive discussions with family & friends. That is such an admirable skill and I am pleased to hear this even happens at all. May good luck follow you through the next few months.

My immediate family are deceased and all I have are cousins and friends. A few of them are more like siblings and I couldn’t bear to get into an enduring muddy snit over things I have no control over. A good number of these folks are Republican with strong views (I hear these things from other family members who have attempted said conversations). I have 47 first cousins and maybe half of them are full blown right wing.

We have a reunion next year.

In Canada.

I’m the treasurer. I have some powers to withhold funding if nothing else.

Not sure what summer 2025 will look like.

There was an editorial in the paper yesterday urging that people vote on issues, rather than candidates. I hope that resonates with people.

Overriding issue number one: The national GOP has lost its mind and is now an enemy of democracy so no GOP candidate anywhere on the ballot can be trusted or should receive your vote.

Okay, now prioritize the rest of your issues and vote accordingly.

I should mention that these conversations are with family members that are otherwise not that political or don’t pay attention to politics. Independents/Swing Voter types. They would describe themselves as not political. I do have other liberal Democrats in the family, but there are family members that I will not talk to. Debating face-to-face with a true believer is a fool’s errand IMHO.

I forgot another thing I’ve been thinking about, in terms of how to approach this. I can’t be very effective when I’m thinking about the worst things that can happen. That is a cognitive distortion known in the field as fortune telling. I’m most effective when I’m thinking about what’s going on right now and what I can do.

One thing I can start doing right now is support the people who are most affected by what’s going on. That means LGBTQ people, women who are forced to give birth, people of color, the homeless, etc. There is no shortage of things I can do to help these populations right now.

The only place I discuss politics is right here on this board. I try not to engage in political thought at all in my real life. That’s true now and has been true for decades. Even here I don’t do politics much. None of that has changed. I keep informed by reading through several sites daily but I don’t dwell on it. So my worry has gone up but I’m trying not to expend any more brain power than usual on politics.

That’s pretty much my approach. This isn’t the end, and a LOT of what we’re hearing is catastrophizing, jumping to conclusions, emotional reasoning, and all-or-nothing type thinking, if we want to get psychological about it.

I mean, those dire things could happen, but is it likely? Probably not. Will the country muddle through in the long haul? Almost certainly.

I used to be really into politics and keeping up with current events, but these days I think following the news is skibidi toilet nonsense.

When I was a naive youngster I was lead to believe that one’s political views were guided by facts and reason. If someone said something stupid they were just misguided. Nope, political views are guided by biases and emotions. Therefore the news is tainted. Especially the hyper partisan news we have now. I have little patience for people’s excessive emotions, including my own.

Me developing better critical thinking skills took out all the fun from in following politics and the news. I no longer view debates (on TV or in person with peers) as mechanical as MMA fights. They’re not about a person’s reasoning skills vs. another person’s reasoning skills. They’re mostly about how well they can bullshit.

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying as not caring about what happens in this country and the world. I still vote and I encourage others to vote. And if there’s something super serious I need to attend to, I want to stay in the loop. Project 2025 is one example. I just don’t want to fill up all my heads pace with such things and get into heated debates.

Midwest Degenerate Gambler

This thought has stayed with me over the past few days. It has to be the most constructive approach. Thank you, @Spice_Weasel .

Completely agree.

I pay about the same attention to the news. I do get a lot from here, and the net in general.

I listen to POTUS on Serius XM when in the car.

They claim to be middle of the road politics wise, but, really, they lean left. They do get GOP nuts calling in with conspiracy theory’s, they try to be patient with them, but some just have to be cut off.

Pretty actively ignoring politics is working pretty well for me.

If I see an article in the paper, I just skip it. Not reading the election/lawsuit/Sct threads here. Not sure what could possibly happen - other than one of the candidates dropping out or dying - that would merit my attention. Not bringing it up in any conversations. A couple of times other people brought it up. Seems like folk wish to commiserate. I say something like, “I’ve been trying to minimize my attention to it and doubt I’ll have anything to add, but feel free to discuss it as you wish.”

When I am only skimming headlines, it is blatantly apparent how much the media is trying to project urgency and a perception that something is going to happen on a day-to-day basis. Really disgusting.

Will see how long I can keep this up.

I get my news generally on the net. My friends all feel the same about Trump as I do. We don’t really have a need to talk about it. Feel the same about Thomas and Alito. And all of the MAGAs in the circus, er congress.

My wife’s family is full of Trump supporters. It’s impossible to change a MAGA’s mind. They are too heavily invested in their… beliefs. Admitting that they are wrong is just not gonna happen.

I will occasionally send a pithy quip about something I read to my best friend.

I work directly with 2-8 people (depends on the project). We are professionals. We do NOT talk politics or religion. These are highly intelligent people (sometimes they scare me), I’m pretty sure I know their politics.

As far as specific action? No, I’m not planning anything. I’m lucky that I live in a blue county in a purple state. I’ll vote, that is my specific action.

I’d like to propose a ‘reality’ show though. Sort of a survivor spin off. Have all members of congress try to run a virtual island. They would need to create infrastructure, health care, food, education and all the things that people need. Let’s see if they can create a society that survives.

Or make a game like Civilization. We could have characters like Rump, TGM, Matt Fence, Boran Lobart and so on. See if they can survive a year on this ‘fantasy island’

More and more I feel that events are out of my control, that I’m just a bystander watching the world fall apart.

In today’s environment, it’s hard to want to get “more” involved in anything political. What is happening in the US is terrifying.

My wife and I are actually talking about leaving the US and moving to Europe or Australia or Canada…somewhere where the politics isn’t as violent and we can get away from the insanity of the US.

I have family in Canada and Norway but I am not planning on leaving the country. I am 66, still working, dealing with relatively recent health problems and don’t have the energy to make such a move.

I don’t think my life will change all that much despite who wins the election but I do understand that it will be devastating for so many others.

For now, my plan is to retire next year and spend a lot of time traveling out of the country.