Arkansas discovers fold cuisine

They already have a sign and are currently open for business with the Botanas name. It would cause confusion among their customer base if they change names and it will cost them money to change signs. I guess they could do it but why would they?

“Seasoned cucumber in vinaigrette, served tempura style.”

I was assuming that the original opposition was due to anti-Mexican racism.

Not that I am aware of.

My Father and a guy he worked with drove from AR to CA when the TV station began using color video tape.
They bought gas somewhere in the Southwest, and the attendant (yes, this was a long time ago) bitched at them for the way Southerners treated African Americans.
Then he said, “But these G-s damned Mexicans!”

That’s what I thought to. Either anti-Mexican forces at work or someone who didn’t want to cheapen the ambiance of the area with a taco restaurant. Nope. More likely other more petty reasons.

And they open.

:eek::eek::eek: $9 for three freaking tacos? Oh hell no. They got to be seriously delusional.

The best Mexican food in Little Rock is Senor Tequila. Theres several locations run by the same family.

If Gramma had said ‘more *dollars *than sense’ then she’d have something.

Come down to Texas. That’s not that expensive for high end Tex-Mex or Mex-Mex.

Of course, the review also said the food was lackluster and the portions small, so…

I wasn’t very impressed. It’s kind of depressing if that’s really the best available.

After moving to Houston, I became incredibly leery of eating Tex-Mex outside of Texas and ordering iced tea anywhere north of Kentucky.

Bravo!!! You win a gold star, a puppy, and three Internet points.

(I’m embarassed at how long it took me to puzzle out a couple of them … )

There is a place on the other end of Cantrall that has really good tacos made from shredded roast beef. It’s just a hole in the wall place but really good. They used to be right next to the University and I ate there a couple times a week for several years. They moved and now its too far away for my lunch break.

Now I really want to go again. I miss that place.

Casa Mañana thats it. On Cantrell Rd. Haven’t been there in a year or two.

Corn and mango on a fish taco?

You’re doing it wrong.

Yeah, some of those items seem like they’re trying just a bit too hard.

The perfect taco for all those mint colored pants wearing people.

Perhaps I misquote her. I was quite young and it has been a rather long time.
She was, on the other hand, from Illinois.

I like La Casa Real and have never been a big fan of Señor Tequila. The worst Mexican place I’ve eaten at was Santo Coyote. My wife got the tacos, two for $6, and they were tiny. I got the chicken mole and it tasted like the sauce had come out of a can. I had a good experience with Casa Mañana the first few times I went but subsequent visits were disappointing.

I think it’s weird that we’re all talking about Little Rock Mexican restaurants here.

I think it’s weird that we’re all talking about Little Rock Mexican restaurants here.


Not that weird when you consider there are only 3 international cuisines:
French (based on flour), Chinese (based on rice), and Mexican (based on corn).

“Fold” may be the name of the business permit applicant. I thought it referred
to the way a taco is folded over the ingredients. “Fold cuisine” is in the title of
the story.

Anyway the response to this story has been amusing. I would not eat at
Fold Botanas myself because their tacos sound fattening as hell. Also the menu
is definitely high dollar.

Cheers, Singanas

We’ve been to Santo Coyote once, someone else was buying, but Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) who lived briefly in Mexico did not complain, and she certainly complained about the guys who replaced Las Palmas in NLR.

The Mole tasted canned, the fried rice was bland and the refried beans looked like Frito-Lay bean dip but it didn’t even taste as good as that. I went within the first week or two of them opening and it was so bad I’ve refused to go back there since.

And I don’t find it odd that we’re talking about Mexican food. I just find it odd that we’re talking about Mexican food in Little Rock. Who the hell talks about Little Rock?