Artists who parodied their own work

Francesco Marciuliano, who took over writing duties for the tepid newspaper comic Sally Forth, also has a webcomic, Medium Large, which frequently mocks Sally Forth for being a tepid newspaper comic.

Does MC Hammer in all his garb wanting you to “stop hammer time” in the Command Strip ads count? I used to giggle at the life-size cardboard cutouts at Staples.

James Bond also helped the Queen get to the Olympics.
James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance - Bing video

The Traveling Wilburys were pretty much parodies of themselves.

David Tennant referenced his most famous role in this sketch with Catherine Tate

That’s a really exasperating one, because lawyers kind of crapped all over the joke. Al asked permission (pro forma) to parody the song, and Knopfler said sure, and even asked to play on it. The bloody attorneys then insisted that the track be called “Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies*” because lawyers gotta lawyer. Al and his fans have been rolling our collective eyes at that one ever since.

Jean-Claude Van Damme did a brilliant self parody tv series called Jean-Claude Van Johnson. It’s hilarious and worth a watch.

This might be a long shot, but I think it works. In the show 30 Rock, for those that haven’t seen it, one of the characters (Jenna) had a song she sang parodied by Weird Al. Angry about that, for her next song, she attempted to write one that he couldn’t parody because it was already sounded like a typical Weird Al song (starts at 3:14 if it isn’t cued up). Weird Al parodied it back into a regular song, he Normal Al’d it.

Elvis - Heart of Rome outtake

I don’t know if this counts, but the first thing that came to mind was Pete and Roger doing Won’t Get Fooled Again with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

This is like the way the oft-noted resemblance between RHCP drummer Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell led to this hilarious Tonight Show skit:

How about Mike Myers playing Mick Jagger (and Ronnie Wood) while Mick Jagger sits next to him playing Keith Richards? This was the only video I could find (because I didn’t look very hard), but I remember this skit being the talk of the water cooler for quite a while after it aired.

It gets better: In Jimmy the Kid, Andy Kelp convinces Dortmunder to join a kidnapping based on the plot of a Richard Stark book Andy had read about a master criminal named Parker.

Along these lines, there’s the SNL sketch where Mark McKinney plays Jim Carrey alongside Jim Carrey playing Jimmy Stewart…who starts mocking “Jim Carrey” by breaking into his best Jim Carrey impression.

There was also “Earth 8311,” home of Spider-Ham and anthropomorphic animal versions of the entire Marvel Universe.

Do John’s lyrics before Paul starts the real lyrics at the beginning of the album version of Get Back count?

Joe Cocker singing ‘Feelin’ Alright’ with John Belushi also being Joe Cocker,

It’s all kinds of awesome.

That’s just John doing an imitation of Joe, while Joe happened to be there. Joe wasn’t doing anything that, for him, would be considered out of the ordinary or mocking himself.