Ask the Los Angeles Native

Let’s see.

Lakers. Though they used to give away Clippers tickets in return for good grades in my High School. So I have been to a bunch of games.

I am not a baseball fan really, but I have a soft spot for the Angels since they are the team my grandfather roots for.

Bruins! I am a UCLA alum and it breaks my heart that U$C has the best team in the league right now. The fact that we aren’t really very good this year has nothing to do with anything :p.
Raiders. My dad had season tickets when I was growing up and I am still a fan to this day. I miss going to pro games though and wish we would get a team.

I also like the Kings over the Ducks, if you were wondering. But again, I am not much of a Hockey person. I have been to a few games though, and it is always a good time.

Very interesting, thanks. I lived in Houston for four years, it sounds like we had pretty simlar experiences there.

This was my first thought exactly. I’m starting to think that the rail system is some kind of Brigadoon or something out there.

The Apple Pan is an awesome burger. Great ambiance too! I love Okie Dog! It’s very weird and delicious.

And Asimovian, I finally made it to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. I didn’t think it was great, but it was well worth going to.

I love Rosco’s! But then, I like the occasional meal soaked in greese and they have kick ass lemonaid.

I’m not a native but I’ve been here about 5 years.

LA is not nearly as bad as everyone thinks. I had very much the same impressions you do, and when I first visited here I was struck by how normal it is. It’s a big city, with lots of cars and pavement and Spanish, but in most neighborhoods, it’s not unbearably hot, the rich folk stay hidden, and there was no gunfire to be heard. There is traffic, and there is smog, but if you stay near the coast, the air is clean and the sky is clear blue, and LA is such that if you really want to, you can get to most places without setting wheel on a freeway.

Of course, a lot depends on what you’re used to. A guy from Middle Podunk, Ohio, will be jarred by LA, as there’s five times as many cars as he’s used to and the undeveloped land-to-building ratio is reversed. I think the dependency on cars is actually greater in smaller, rural towns, since they seem to have dismal or nonexistant public transportation. LA’s system may be inadequate, but it’s reliable.

People-wise, it’s not noticeably different. I don’t notice a greater percentage of snobs or thugs or jerks than I did in other cities (I’ve lived in Honolulu and Seattle). There are the occasional Paris Hilton types at the mall, but we laugh at their UGGs and oversized sunglasses too. Most of the people are working-class shlubs just trying to get by, just like most people in any other big city.

That said, LA has never felt like a city I could live in long term. It’s the most fun and interesting place I’ve ever been, but it’s always felt like a “for now” place. I’m not sure why-- I like the diversity and there’s lots of stuff to do and see.

You really know how to hurt a guy. What did you eat? Maybe they were having an off night. Maybe you’d been sick and your taste buds weren’t responding properly.

I mean, I’ve only known one person in my life who wasn’t impressed by Roscoe’s, and I had to [del]eliminate her[/del] stop talking to her. I don’t really want to put you in that category. :wink:

Hey cool! A proper "Ask the… "-thread from an American.

And now to figure out a question that doesn’t sound too lame… sigh

All I know about LA comes from TV-shows and movies; which basically makes it a huge conundrum and hodgepodge of car-chases, bling, mighty fine women and so on. Yeah, I know it’s not really like that :wink:

But do tell me, when I get to LA (whenever that is), what would be the best way to just “fit in”. That is, not look like the complete and utter foreigner and tourist I am.

Not all Roscoes are created equal. Which one did you go to **Darryl Lict **?

The one on Gower is head and shoulders better than the others. The one on Pico being my second choice.

I would put the Pasadena Roscoe’s at a very, very close second to the original on Gower. I have been somewhat unimpressed on both trips to the Pico location. I’ve been to the other two more times than I can count.

I have never been to the Long Beach location.

  1. What did you think of the smoking ban when it was first enacted in 1998? While they’re common now, that was a bold step by California.

  2. Do you really think Gray Davis should have been recalled?

  3. What sports teams do you like?

  4. Did you go the LA Olympics in 1984?

  5. What do you think of Long Beach?

  6. Do you think life ends at the Orange County border?

See, I have been to Long Beach but not Pasadena. I used to spend a lot of time out in Pasadena, but never have a reason to head over there anymore.

I don’t really care as much for the one in Long Beach personally. Well, it’s still Roscoe’s, but it feels like a chain restaurant version of Roscoe’s. It isn’t really the same.

When it was first enacted it didn’t effect me much. I am only 26 now, so I was 16 at the time and didn’t go to bars and cigarettes had already been removed from restaurants for a while. I am a smoker now (then too, but again I technically couldn’t smoke anywhere) and I actually like it. I like having an excuse to leave the bar or club and have made some great friends on smoking patios. But then, I have never really known any different. Also, the weather is generally good here, so it isn’t impossible to smoke outside in December.

No. I feel he was scapegoated and the fallout has been rather disasterous. Not that Arnold is a horrible governator, but he isn’t great and there is currently a recall petition going around to get him taken out of office. It’s stupid.

I am a die hard Raiders fan :(, and enjoy following the Lakers in a casual sort of way. I am also a UCLA Bruins fan as UCLA is my Alma Matter.

Sorry, I was 2 at the time. I have some pictures of me in olympic gear from then though.

That’s a general question isn’t it? It’s not as bad as it once was, but in general the parts that are turning into not too bad are turning into Orange County lite. I have some actor friends who are involved in the theatre scene out there and there is some cool stuff happening. There is some cool stuff happening in the fine art scene too. A good friend of mine moved there about 2 years ago because the apartments are so dirt cheep, so I head out on occasion. On the whole I think the biggest drawback is that it is too far away from anything to head out that way unless you have a good reason to go. I don’t know anyone who says, hey lets head down to Long Beach this afternoon.

No. But there is a vast wastland that spans between there and San Diego. I hear tell some people try to live there but no one ever heard from them again. :wink:

I have a few friends that live in Orange County and one Grandparent. Also, South Coast Rep is one of the better rep theatres in the country so I can’t totally discount OC. (Even if it is mostly one giant outdoor shopping mall next to a series of tract homes.)

I’m responding on my own to these because I think the questions are interesting, so I hope NAF1138 will forgive me.

  1. I applauded it, although I felt sorry for friends of mine who smoke. But I assumed it would catch on elsewhere as public smoking got less popular.

  2. I was opposed to it generally, but I wasn’t someone who paid enough attention to California politics to speak intelligently about it.

  3. I am a HUGE Dodger fan. I used to kind of like the Angels, but that has turned into hate over the last few years. I vaguely like the Kings, and I’m still sort of a Laker fan, but I pay no attention to basketball until the playoffs. And I’m still a die-hard Raider fan.

  4. I was very young, but I know my mom and I stood on the street near the Coliseum (we lived nearby when I was growing up) to watch the marathon runners go by.

  5. No opinion, really. The aquarium is cool, but I haven’t spent much time roaming around the area.

  6. Absolutely not. I’m something of an outlier, living between the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, and it’s only about a 10-minute drive for me to get to Orange County. We have family in Orange County, and when we go to the beach, we usually go to OC beaches. I rather like some parts of Orange County.

Please, answer away! The more the merrier.

I have to say, OC has some great beaches. I spend most of my beach time up in Malibu because it’s closer, but the OC beaches are great.

Most of the questions I asked because I used to live in Long Beach from 1995-1998. I worked in Orange County and hated it except for South Coast Plaza and Laguna Beach. I strongly supported the smoking ban and even had a letter published in the editorial section of the Los Angeles Times. I love the Belmont Heights and Belmont Shores section of Long Beach. I voted for Gray Davis and would not have voted to recall him. But, I know the economy was in the shitter when he was recalled.

Sports teams? Well, there were no Diamondbacks until 1998 (I went to their 3rd game against the Padres in San Diego.) I followed almost every SoCal sports team and thought it was great that there was a game on almost every night of the week. I used to love listening to XTRA sports talk radio.

As a quick trivia fact, my roommate worked on the video for Santa Monica by Everclear.

I went to the one on Gower, which I believe is the original one. I guess I was a little confused about how to go about eating the damn thing. I ordered the #2 Scoe’s. Do you eat the chicken on the waffle, or just attack the chicken and the waffle separately? Do people put the syrup on the chicken ever? I imagine it would be excellent at 2:30AM after the bars close.

Gray Davis was the biggest pandering whore in the history of California. He gave some ridiculous benefits to state workers trying to buy them off. He should not have been recalled though.

I went down to LA for the Olympics and saw Alexi Grewal and Connie Carpenter win Olympic Gold! It was a major breakthrough for American cycling.

I ain’t much of a fan of Irvine and Mission Viejo as they kind of define Orange County for me, but there’s life beyond the Orange Curtain if you are by the beach. I’ve got a buddy who lives on Balboa Peninsula and it’s awesome and full of character.

Don’t wear a speedo and don’t drive slow in the fast lane and you’ll do fine. By the way, some of the freeways have 6 lanes (maybe more?) in both directions, so don’t aggravate the locals by clogging the fast lanes.

Another one I missed. And it was your post in the other thread that game me the idea too.
I went to Hollywood High school which is located in a high tourist area of town. One of our favorite games to play after school was “spot the tourist” and another was “pretend to be a tourist”.

My advice, dress appropriatly for the weather and don’t wear so little clothing that you are totally exposed to the sun when you are outdoors. Don’t walk around with a camera around your neck. Don’t stop to gawk at things in the middle of the sidewalk, or even worse, while driving down the street.

But come visit LA, there is lots of fun stuff to do here.

Don’t drive slow is the first thing I thought of, but then I thought that “slow” is a relative term. The speed limit on the freeway in the city is 65. Legally, this is true. Culturally, that is the lower limit. Go the speed of traffic (generally if there’s no gridlock and you’re in the left lane, do 80-85 or GTFO).

FTR, I’ve had CHP officers say, “I’m not going to pop you (for doing 55 in a 35) because you were doing the speed of traffic, but that was an unsafe lane change!”

One more thing, tip your waitstaff 10% to 20% for a sit down meal. 10% is usually reserved for noticeably mediocre service. Leave your bartender $1 per drink.