Ask the Massage Therapist

Through what mechanism(s) is a massage beneficial?

What are common beginner mistakes?

FWIIW the OP hasn’t posted in 4 years, don’t think she’ll respond.

IANA massage therapist, but I have a good friend who is, and yes, this is true.

Doing massage work is a lot of wear-and-tear not just on the hands but also on the body as a whole. I think 4 massages a day is her absolute limit. She never expected it to be a long-term career – she wanted as “something to fall back on” in case something happened with her FT job.

Thank you kiz for your reply.

is it sciatica messing with me ? PAIN!!! in my back & butt, sometimes can’t get up from chair or walk well, making my hip feel elderly, twisting my kneecap I have let out little yelps of pain as I go around, foam roller helps a little but I guess I need to exercise again been too drained this long time

Have you ever been knocked out by a secret agent who needed to take your place so as to interrogate and/or assassinate the high-level target who just happens to be your regular 1 p.m. Tuesday appointment? Alternately, has a secret agent ever tried to knock you out in order to do said interrogating and/or assassinating, only to discover that your regular 1 p.m. Tuesday appointment specifically chose you as a massage therapist because you also have mad karate skills that you will gladly use to keep your clients safe from harm? If the latter has happened, I hope you got a nice bonus. You would totally deserve it.

Maybe that is why she has not posted in almost 4 yrs.

The assassin was too much for her noisy ninja skills.

I live here in the Seattle area as well. But my question is more of a general area. I’ve seen these “cupping therapy kits” on Amazon and elsewhere. Some folks are seeing real results but I can’t seem to figure out where to find then for sale in a brick and mortar retail or medical device store.
Any ideas on where they can be found for sale?
Thanks in advance GND.

I’m sorry, but that poster hasn’t been here since November of 2013.