Ask the person taking Ozempic

Oh yeah: at a family gathering on the 4th, there were 3 others there who were on GLP1 meds. One was on Mounjaro - her A1C was through the roof on Ozempic and (I think) Januvia or one of the other newish meds. She didn’t say whether her A1c had dropped much on the new regimen. She may have had 10 pounds to lose but certainly did not have 15…

The second had just been on Ozempic for 8ish weeks and was just up to the .5 mg dose. She was a bit disappointed at the weight loss so far - maybe 8 pounds, which puzzled me as that doesn’t seem bad for that short a time. I may have misunderstood the timing and amounts.

And the third had JUST started, so no data yet.

I think many believe that drugs like Ozempic will do all of the work for them. When I first started on Ozempic, later Trulicty, I did lose a LOT of wait very quickly. However, I was also being very careful with my diet, filling up on veggies and fish, tracking my calories, and exercising. Some folks (a certain relative of mine) eat less, but they are just eating less of the same garbage.

Oh HELL no.

I told people at various gatherings that it does not make weight loss easy, it makes weight loss POSSIBLE.

I do try to eat more protein etc. but so many protein foods just do not agree with me. Ground beef is the most reliable, but that’s not ideal for other reasons. Simple stuff like pasta - no problem at all.

This past week has actually been better, stomach-wise. I still don’t want to eat a lot - there are times where I sit down and just cannot force more than a few mouthfuls down. But I have not had any major queasiness, nor any major gagging episodes.

I need to find some way to exercise. Right now though, I can’t really even do mall-walking, at least not without someone with me (POTS-like symptoms; working with a cardiologist to try to get a handle on things).

Spoke too soon: today has definitely started out as a “queasy day”. I picked up breakfast from Tropical Smoothie after running some errands, got home, and could not stomach (hah) the thought of eating the yogurt bowl I’d bought. I’m staring balefully at the smoothie, too.

Gah, sorry to hear that. You know it’s bad when you’re stomach is balking at a smoothie.

My a1c and weight went up in 6 months on 1.0, so I need to strategize. Mounjaro is now in my formulary; how do people find it? I’m super tired of constant nausea, and if Oz isn’t doing anything, I’m not going to keep taking it. (I’m really unwilling to jump to 2.0 ml given how bad I feel on 1.0.)

Does Mounjaro have fewer GI side effects?

I’ve been on Ozempic for most of a year, currently at the 2mg/wk dose. I have recurring nausea at random times, I have seen absolutely no change in my appetite or weight (actually I think my weight has gone up), but my last A1C was significantly lower than the previous one. So it is doing its job. Although I was doing very well with limiting my carbs over the winter and early spring, I’ve fallen off that wagon as summer has hit full stride so I’m sure my A1C will be elevated when I get the recheck at the end of this month. I just would really prefer not to be dealing with the nausea and upset stomach.

Mounjaro/Zepbound is claimed to have lower side effects than Ozempic/Wegovy, in part because it contains two active ingredients, less of the GLP-1 component and adding a GIP component. For that reason, it seems to statistically be more effective as well.

Anecdotally, I’m taking Zepbound and my wife is taking Wegovy. My side effects have been significantly lower than hers.

A friend of mine started on Ozempic and switched to Mounjaro, and claims there are fewer side effects.

Personally, the slow stomach emptying is a big part of why the Ozempic is working for me… I assume that Mounjaro does much the same. If it carried less queasiness, that would be nice, and it would be GREAT if it had less effect on my already hair-trigger gag reflex.

@Lancia and @susan - not everyone loses weight on Ozempic - clearly you two are at one end of the outlier spectrum (and I’m at the other end). It may well be worth trying Mounjaro.

This article suggests that a lot of patients do quit these meds:
Only 1 in 4 Still Taking Ozempic, Wegovy for Weight Loss Two Years Later - MedNews

I did finally manage to eat my yogurt bowl - consisting of greek yogurt, fruit, almonds, and granola. It was highish in fat, but a lot of protein (27 grams). I don’t worry too much about fat, given that there are days where I simply need CALORIES - and it’s not like I eat a stick of butter or deep fried anything. Took me well over an hour to finish it, and when dinnertime came, I ate about a quarter of a slice of pizza and a few mouthfuls of salad. I still have not finished my smoothie.

Yeah, I lost weight on Ozempic, but more than half suddenly piled back on.

So I spoke too soon. I thought it’s been quite a few weeks since I weighed myself so last night I stood on the scale for the first time since, I figured, maybe April.

Yeah no. It’s been since January.

Anyway, I’m down 10 lbs. This surprises the hell out of me as I figured I had gained weight as I just feel heavier. I recently bought some new shirts and went up a size from my usual, and I recently bought some pants and went up a size in them as well. But half a pound down each week since January I can live with.

So now I don’t know what to think. If I’m losing weight and it’s keeping my A1C down then maybe I’ll stick with it. I see my doc in 2 weeks; I’ll talk with her about it.

Congrats on the weight loss!

Could it be possible that the clothing size change is due to less muscle / more fat? Muscle is denser, so the same weight in fat will result in larger clothing required.