"Atheist/Agnostic" as a religious category

What about people who think gods might be kinda cool but mostly just don’t give a shit and call themselves agnostic to buy time to change the subject? We disgust both theists and some atheists because of our waffling, but you know what? We don’t give a shit and want them to go bother someone else.

This of course, is a crock. Agnosticism is the refusal to believe in the absence of gods without proof. Atheists are willing to accept the absence of gods on faith alone.

Bertrand Russel says it nicely:

I’m an agnostic. My wife is a Godless atheist, which is the very worst kind!

The issue at hand is proof, not belief.

I can see that as well.

This is patently absurd -

This is just a bizarre statement. But then again, it might come down to definitions. I’m atheist in the sense that I do not believe in a higher power. That’s a pretty reasonable definition of atheism. I am so because I see no evidence to believe in a god. I am also agnostic, as I think there is the far-flung possibility that knowledge of god is simply unknowable, and it is beyond human knowledge or understanding. That is, certainly, a possibility. It’s also possible that reality is just a figment of my imagination. I don’t claim that I definitely know god not to exist. But I don’t believe a god exists, hence, I’m an atheist. At least by my definition. There’s no “faith” involved.

If a person feels the need to say they’re an atheist then they’ve already proven they believe God may exist.

He isn’t. There are two types of agnostics:

  1. People who give undue weight to the idea of gods that they do not give to, say, invisible pink unicorns.
  2. Wankers and solipsists.

An agnostic who does not fall into one of these two categories would not call themselves an agnostic, but an atheist.

also an absurd statement.

I think it’s a great analogy and you’re right. You’ve changed my mind on this point. I really only want to stress what a big difference there is between thinking gods are plausible and thinking they’re not. What I said before goes beyond this and shouldn’t have. Thanks!

Why’s it absurd? There’s no tigers living wild in Scotland. I don’t feel the need to tell ppl that.

Only because nobody’s stupid enough to go around shouting about the wild Scottish tigers.

Usually because there is no one running around trying to prove otherwise - theists constantly push “god exists” - therefore an atheist is simply the counter to that position.

but ppl who supposedly don’t believe in God still feel the need to tell ppl they don’t.

By referring to something they supposedly don’t believe exists they r giving it existence.

I don’t tell people about my atheism, either, unless it comes up, which is actually pretty rare. I doubt more than a handful of my friends even know. It’s not something I care about. Conversely, I’m unsure of which of my friends are atheists. I know some that are, and I know the theists pretty easily, but the majority of my friends, I have no clue in their belief system, if any. Hell, a couple of my ex-girlfriends, I haven’t the faintest clue.

Fiction and reality aren’t the same thing, you dumbass.

damn - so vampires, santa clause, and zombies exist to?

You’re a special kinda stupid, aren’t you?

You felt the need to tell us you were an atheist. Which proves my point.

If something doesn’t exist it never gets referred to.

When’s the last time u read about giraffes living in the atlantic ocean? I bet it’s never. Cos they don’t exist. Therefore nobody refers to them. By feeling the need to refer to something u are giving it existence.

Fuck - just now, 1000 Giraffes drowned in the atlantic ocean - they were caught in a net designed to catch nessie and perished.

If only you hadn’t mentioned them - they would have survived because no one knew they existed yet .

Do you get how stupid that sounds?

wow. u got a link?

I got yer link right here

You’re new here and I’ll give you a hint that may smooth your way: Don’t use text abbreviations because some people here think they make you look like an idiot. Yes, they’re more efficient and you get your point across, but you also give others ammunition they can use against you. In the long run it’s easier, much like calling yourself an agnostic rather than an atheist.