Attention Brits, Canucks, OZ: re: Confusing the yanks with Boxing Day

What do they sound like in a Canadian accent?


Never heard it, which is probably why it is weird in an American accent. If I was used to hearing Canadians say it, it wouldn’t be, I guess.

And in response to Martini, I am glad that someone else noticed the surfeit of American accents, too. My theory is that, to Australians, over-excited Americans shilling products just sound like Vince peddling Sham-Wow, or US sports commentators getting wound up over something. Same old, same old. Over-excited Australians, however, sound like Steve Irwin, which kind of grates. It’s a bit counter-cultural for a local to get that worked up, and so sounds fake.

Difficult to hear anything above the racket of cows going bong, mice going clang and monkeys going boo.

But I get by.


Why would they? We get their TV and movies, they get little of ours. As for Wrestling Day, my claim about the snow snakes is enough; I see no need to further the deception. But good luck!

That’s my theory too- but it sounds really bad when it’s obviously an Australian putting on an American accent. I mean, are they taking the piss? Trying to make a point? Aiming for the (almost non-existent) ex-pat American market? It’s baffling.

We don’t have anything in the US. We get eight stinking holidays all year. We don’t need a name for December 26 because it’s just another boring work day. Unless it falls on a weekend, we’re expected to be back at work the morning after Christmas.

As an American, I wish everyone in my family a happy Boxing Day every December 26th. And every year, I have to explain to them YET AGAIN what that is.

Next year I’m going to start throwing boxes at them.

Well that’s better than left hooks…

[Ebeneezer Scrooge voice]Be here that much earlier tomorrow!![/Scrooge]

Boxing day is my mother’s day off. She slaves over an oven on christmas day cooking for 10 people, then she has to entertain until the grandparents leave at around 10pm. On boxing day she relaxes and we always have a large buffet for dinner which includes left over turkey, beef, all manner of cheeses, crackers, pork pie, etc.

And it’s another day off work. Which is nice. I had a whole 4 days off this christmas!

Normal :smiley: