Autolycus's Interstellar Adventure

Last night at Applebees, (Bourbon Street Steak and Dynamite Shrimp 4tw!), I got around to telling some of my infamous stories, some of which I’ve posted here. My girlfriend decided to write an original compiliation based on them. It’s a pretty kickass story, so I have decided to share it with you lovely people.

Oh, she’s from China and still perfecting her written English, so dont get your panties in a twist k? In any case, I think it adds to the cuteness, but I’m biased I guess :smiley:

John’s Interstellar Adventure (That’s my name)

John is a university student; he has brown eyes and blue hair. He is a happy young guy, never be worried about anything. Ryan is John’s good friend, who has blue eyes and brown curly hair, looks like Ronald McDonald.

One day, it was Ryan’s 21st birthday. In Earth from 21st, everyone can get their first alcohol and first travel to Mars, so they decided to go to Mars and get a crazy celebration.

Mars was very interesting, they drank at a bar, talked with lovely Mars ladies; they got a wonderful night and “wonderful” drunk. Ryan reminded John if they didn’t leave there, they would miss the bus back to Earth, but John couldn’t stop talking to ladies. finally, Ryan went back himself.

The next day, John woke up under a bridge, he couldn’t remember what happened after Ryan left, he just realized he is alone in Mars. Of course John doesn’t get worried, after smoking a cigarette, he get in a interstellar bus just passing by.

The bus arrived Venus, where is a great church. John is piety Catholic, so he walked in the church to pray. Two Venus girls in church, he took a look at the girls. but when he walked out from church, he found some Venus cops were waiting for him. His blue hair might have been very strange in Venus, the girls called polices.

He claimed his innocent, but he was still asked for his ID, frisked, and taken to police office. finally they let him go, but several days ago, this story was published in the Venus local newspaper. This is the first time his story be published in a newspaper except Earth, even without name, he fells very exciting about that.

Any way, John was going home, he came back to Mercury and wanted to transfer another bus to Earth. It was dark night in the Mercury, he lost his way. Of course John doesn’t get worried, after smoking a cigarette, he began walking around in the street. at that time, suddenly, two big Mercury guys jump out from dark, they used a knife against John’s neck, and said “wallet!”.

That is a serious situation! John couldn’t think any thing, after a couple of second, he cried out. His crying was so loud, that the robber began to get scary. Soon, John threw his wallet to the robbers, and ran away like a rabbit.

He ran and ran, after long time, lastly, he came back to Earth. He was hungry and tired, he was very very happy when he found his good friend Ryan is waiting for him in Applebee’s, with his favorite steak. John got a great dinner with his friend. He told Ryan about his story, and Ryan said maybe he could make this story to a movie!

Recently, John is dating a “fantastic” girl; she has black eyes and black hair, beautiful and smart. John still like getting dinner in Applebee’s, he always eats a lot of food, maybe he will gain some weight. but his girlfriend doesn’t mind, because if he get very fat, he will never run away from her.

Until next time, space cowboy!

I especially like the last paragraph. Hehe.

She really is a “fantastic” girl, to describe her hunny bunny as a rabbit. :smiley:

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Your girlfriend is adorable!

You’re kind of a skank, though, for cheating on her with all those Martians and Venusians. :wink:

:: lonesome sigh ::

Ridiculously cute. When you’re done with this girl, make sure to let the rest of us know. :wink:

First of all, I’m sorry I missed that particular dinner. It sounds like it was fun. When you called, I was in the middle of exercising while simultaneously dealing with the pain of a root canal. It had been a particularly bad day, and I was through with trying to deal with the outside world.

Second of all, congratulations on winning her heart. She is indeed a sweetie, and dang cute too. :slight_smile: