Avengers: Endgame SEEN IT thread - SPOILERS AHOY!

I don’t know that they could move a portal once it was established, so that would have required him to actually move into the portal. Maybe you could make one and then collapse it real fast on them. Using a portal as an offensive weapon had not been seen, so it’s likely there are reasons why it wouldn’t work.

But the redirecting of incoming fire was established by Strange and Wong, and I was disappointed to not see a callback to that. Would have been amusing at least, to see the bombardment being redirected up at Thanos’s ship.

The redirection, from the scene in Infinity War, requires some kind of agreement between two sorcerers, and in the mega battle scene they are reacting to the situation that is suddenly sprung upon sorcerers that are not all acting in concert. Also, in the case of Infinity War it was objects that were being re-directed and we do not know if the same effect would be true regarding whatever kind of ordinance it was being rained down upon them. You are right, that it would have been cool, but there are many reasons (including Wong and Strange arguably being peak level Sorcerers so maybe only the could pull it off) why it would not have worked or was not feasible in that moment in time.


Well, maybe; I confess I know little to nothing about Feige’s stance on these matters. Still, ultimately, I think it’s likely that Marvel’s allegiance, like that of all large corporations, is to its bottom line first and foremost. But in the end, I don’t think it matters much: if it’s beneficial to the bottom line to align with causes of social justice, then that’s itself a good sign. This shouldn’t be the reason anybody aligns with them, but well, that’s another debate.

From what I’ve read it was Isaac Perlmutter who resisted having women and POC front superhero movies. He got pushed out in 2015 and Feige was able to make Captain Marvel and Black Panther, both of which seem to have worked out. I have no idea how much this was motivated by Feige really caring about representation and how much was him sensing a business opportunity, but it’s both a good thing on its own and a good thing for Marvel and Disney’s bottom line.

I agree. I think this was a continuation from what we saw in Ragnorak and earlier movies. It wasn’t that Hulk was refusing to appear; it was that Banner was finally learning to control when Hulk appeared.

We saw Hulk take over and Banner disappear for two years. So it’s understandable Banner was scared of Hulk taking over again. It was probably unconscious but that was why Hulk didn’t appear in the fight against Thanos’ minions (I forget their names) - Banner wouldn’t let Hulk out.

What we saw in Endgame was that Banner had worked on this and come up with a solution that allowed both Banner and Hulk to co-exist together.

I suspect Hulks future will focus on his lingering injuries and how the whole experience will rupture the relationship between him and Banner. Maybe they can just ship him off to a happy ending in some microverse.

I’m not as big a fan of these movies and stories as some of you. I’ve not watched all of them. From my perspective, the Hulk story is only interesting when Banner struggles with the rage inside him, manifested as the Hulk. The story jumps the shark for me when Hulk became all butt-hurt, refusing to come out and play. That’s not rage, that’s a sullen teenager staying in his room and listening to his emo tunes on his earphones. And there is nothing interesting about the two co-existing as they did in the last movie. So when I say it was “answered” for me, it was. But not to any that was interesting. It was just a lazy plot resolution.

Then again, there were a lot of characters in that movie, all with their own unresolved character-development threads. It was inevitable that some of them would be resolved lazily, because there just wasn’t time to explore them all fully. Maybe if we’d had a full-length Hulk movie set in that timespan, they’d have done it justice. But we didn’t.

I was under the impression that the Hulk didn’t want to come out because, for the first time in his existence, he’d come up against something that he couldn’t defeat and he was afraid. The fight at Wakanda was his second encounter with Thanos, and the first one did not go well for him.

I’m sure there is some of that, but a big part of it was that Banner only brought him out when it was time to punch and get punched. That’s why he hates Banner.