Average women from 41 different countries

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There is no fucking way that is the “average” South African woman, given our demographics. The “average” South African woman is black. This is unscientific bullshit.

Yeah, I noticed that. Does it look like a white South African?

I have a hard time believing the “average” woman in any of those countries is so beautiful. I’ve seen lots of faces lo these 43 years and on average, people are much much less attractive than the faces on that page. It might be averaging the faces of the Miss Universe contestants from each of those places, but that’s about it.

Did you try the link?

How the “French woman” went off so attractive (considering what I see everyday) is beyond me.

As Sparks said, try the link. I specifically picked women I simply could not have sex with, mixed them and it produced a result which, though not head turning, would qualify as “person who would be supposed to be average in a Hollywood movie”.

Jesus Christ these faces are hot. Except the Samoan. But besides her: Stunning!

Jaysus, didn’t notice that. Maybe it’s an advertorial for beauty products.

An average is not a predictor.

If you use averages to make predictions, you’ll be very,* very* wrong.

The average daytime temp for a given area might be 52 degrees. But expecting a 52-degree day would set you up to be way, way off probably well over 75% of the time.

The pictures average out women, but that does not mean it (the technique) predicts what the average woman looks like (as the link headline implies).


There was a sameness to all of the pictures. And they were all obviously about the same young age. We all know that most women don’t meet the average. The grouping is designed to sell a software concept. It does not speak to basic appeal. Variation is what makes the world go around. I can be attracted to something the next person rejects. It’s a good thing we are not all attracted to the same woman or she would be unbelievably busy.


I was going to say it more sarcastically - “Gosh, the average South African woman is awfully pale, given than 80% of South African women are black…” but yeah.

I read an article a long time ago about research on beauty and genetics (found it). One of the key factors found in beauty was symmetry of features. The (conjecture? hypothosis? reasoning?) that the preference for symmetrical faces is evolutionarily advantageous is that asymmetry is caused by disease, and so symmetry indicates more disease resistant genes.

It should be obvious that when you average out features for any group you’re going to end up with much more symmetrical features.

Same article, maybe? From what I’ve read (and another google books query confirms), estrogen and testosterone both affect bone growth. A gross over-simplification would be to say that estrogen stops bone growth and testosterone encourages it. This can explain why women are generally shorter than men, and why women have smaller jaws and finer facial features, while men have larger jaws and heavier features.

The average face is perfectly attractive, it’s the average body that needs work. Especially in America.

Seriously - the biggest requisite for a person to be considered attractive is not being fat. There are a few people with truly ugly faces, but the majority of people are “attractive” if they are in good physical shape.

Besides symmetry, it seems that a huge factor is skin. In the national/ethnic averages, every single one has perfect, absolutely glowing skin. In the demo you can choose images of people with acne, birthmarks, scars, just terrible complexions… roll them together and again great skin comes out, because everybody’s marks are in different places.

BTW, there’s some other stuff going on at the Face Research site. One of their experiments was testing for preferences between nearly-identical pairs of pictures. At the end, I got this,

I don’t trust the picture of the English chick. They don’t show her teeth. I’d have to see the average of their teeth but to be honest if there were more than four I’d hit it.

The article was specifically addressing the increasing “interracialness” of the U.S. It wasn’t really concerned with "beauty,’ or what any particular “mix” looked like, so I don’t think we’re talking about the same article.

But that gets back to even sven’s point regarding the African continent:

Conversely, the United States is a country. “Africa America” is not a country. So someone please tell me why there is an image for “African American”?

I would like to thank you personally for providing that link. I hadn’t seen that particular picture before. Just … woah. Da-yum.

Very neat stuff. It is quite interesting that the averages tend to be considered beautiful. The ‘averaging’ technique they’re using is described at (pdf): http://www.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/files/publications/download/TSP06a.pdf

It would be interesting if face-research gave some indication of how they’re building their representative image suites. There may or may not be some bias created by their inclusion rules.