Baby Robins

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We’ve had a big year for nesting robins here. I was removing weeds growing up into a magnolia tree and disturbed a robin sitting on a nest inside the tree. She came back and the eggs hatched, though parent and hatchlings later vanished prematurely.

One of the backyard nests was poorly located on top of a utility box and blew off in a storm.

I wouldn’t worry - enough of these birdbrains get it right to keep the species plentiful.

It’s very strange here. For the past few days we have seen approximately zero birds near our house – no little songbirds, no gulls, no crows, nothing, not even the gulls that (normally) fly in the late afternoon and evening from the bay side to the ocean side of the city (SF). My husband thinks they were all scared away by the July 4th illegal fireworks in our area, but I wouldn’t think that would keep the gulls or crows away. It’s like Silent Spring all over again.

My brother got this picture the other day at the zoo in Denver. The nest is in a eucalyptus tree in the wallaby exhibit. He saw the nest earlier in June, then returned daily to check on it (he lives within walking distance). He was so excited that they hatched.

Your brother is obviously not that grub. :smile:

I went back and checked the nest yesterday (10 days after disturbing the nest), and the eggs have gone. I am assuming that they were abandoned by the parents and some predator ate them. I don’t think they could have hatched and fledged in that time, could they?

Isn’t July very late in the year for there to be unhatched bird eggs?

Some birds will double clutch when things are good environmentally.

ETA: found this is true of Robins.

Robins generally have 2 or 3 broods in a year and will build a fresh nest for each one. So nesting can go on into early July.

I kind of wondered about that myself. But we have a long growing season here in San Francisco, with no real winter (no frost, in any case). I noted somewhere, I think, that our climbing roses on the trellis/arbor had burst into bloom again in mid-June, as big or bigger than the first time this year, and are only just now fading. So yes, per @kayaker, I think a lot of our small nesting birds do have two broods per year. Which realization makes me feel slightly less bad about apparently losing this one.

Had a nest once…(once) under the deck/over the backdoor. Was both noisy & couldn’t go out back for weeks for fear of being shit on. Have swiftly dispatched any squatters every time since then. Sorry you lost your home in progress but you shouldn’t have started construction without all of the proper permits.

Update on my robin nest. We’d been watching her feeding the babies and could see a little bobbing head every once in a while through Sunday. She could barely fit in the nest anymore. On Monday, all activity came to a screeching halt. She wasn’t around anymore. I assume a crow got to the nest or something happened to the mama. But we never heard any cheeping. My husband said that it would break his heart if he looked in the nest and saw dead babies. So we won’t. Once again, we got too invested. :pleading_face:

Lately, I’ve noticed the robins are acting kind of crazy chasing each other. It must be the second round of mating season. Please don’t build another nest where I can see it!

Maybe they fledged, and all of them flew off.