Badass Wizards-HP Open Spoilers

I thought it might be fun to have a little discourse regarding who (apart from Voldemort and the Great Albus Dumbeldore) who is really able to crank out the amps. I’ll go ahead and start us off with our first contender for the belt, Severus Snape.

It it my belief that at this time Mr. Snape could one handedly take on the teaching staff of Hogwarts. Why one handedly? because he would be juggling the Aurors with his other hand, behind his back, while tap dancing in the laps of the entire Weasley family. I hear Snape is one bad Mother…Hey, you watch your mouth…I’m only talkin’ bout Snape…I can dig it…Snaaape!

So come on, I’m sure some of ya are gonna go w/ Minerva, some with Moody, maybe a Scrimgeour (sp? Don’t have my book handy, already loaned out :frowning: ) supporter or two, let us have it.

Personally, I think the apparent defection of Snape is gonna hurt the Order as much if not more than the Death of AD, cause in the double entry bookkeeping of the wizard world balance of power ledger sheet, Snapes power gets counted twice, with him switching sises an all, apparently.