Bands that are the same as other bands, except for one person

This is not accurate.

Yeah, I noted that, but wasn’t going to pursue. There are a few posts that aren’t quite right (heck look at mine regarding New Order)…

I don’t think this one has been mentioned, perhaps due the general good taste of this place: Alter Bridge is Creed with a different singer. And of course, that guy is now Slash’s singer.

Kevin O’donnell’s Quality Six is the exact same lineup as Andrew Bird’s Ball of Fire. Except for writing credits I think.

Please cite. Any info I can find suggests no connection (save genre) whatsoever.

Emerson, Lake & Powell and Emerson, Lake & Palmer replacing Palmer for Powell :slight_smile:

The Heads were a closer match to Talking Heads.

The short-lived ELPowell was followed by the even shorter-lived 3, which was Emerson, Lake & Palmer with Robert Berry replacing Greg Lake.

On a similar tip: Refugee was the Nice with Patrick Moraz replacing Keith Emerson.

Mallard was Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band without Captain Beefheart.

Perhaps I misunderstood the OP. I thought we were looking for the indescribable quality that one person brought to an act that all the soundalike or spinoff groups simply couldn’t recapture.

I stand corrected! I could have sworn Jerry Harrison was in Tom Tom Club.

Nope, I was just looking for bands that had an identical lineup to another band except for one band member.

However, what I wasn’t very clear about was that I was looking for bands with different names. While technically correct, CSN/CSNY and ELP/ELP aren’t exactly the kinds of examples I was looking for.

The Other Ones is basically the Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia. They later changed their name to “The Dead.”

The Beatles are a couple of Quarrymen lineups without Ken Brown / Stuart Sutcliffe plus Ringo

ABWH is Yes minus Chris Squire + Tony Levin


No post-Garcia lineup has missed ‘replacing’ Garcia with fewer than two other people.

One too many negatives in that sentence, methinks.

No one ‘replaced’ Jerry. :smiley:

The Mitchell Trio was the Chad Mitchell Trio with John Denver instead of Chad Mitchell.

It’s a bit complicated, but for practical purposes, the Foo Fighters are Nirvana without Kurt Cobain.