Barack Obama And The "Blagogate" Scandal

Obama had fuck-all to do with Blago’s crimes. But who commuted Blago’s sentence? Shouldn’t that be considered more of a scandal?

This OP is beyond pathetic.

The link doesn’t answer @Dewey_Finn’s version of the question:

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Hey, remember this thread from 2019 where he dredged up a non-issue about the Obama administration some nine years later?

And the Henry Gates thing, a decade later?

And Obamacare?

Not sure why these random topics about Obama seem to trigger this kind of JAQing off.

And on another running theme, there’s this one, where he wondered why Justin Trudeau hadn’t “resigned in disgrace”:

And even one about Donald Trump:

And all largely launched with minimal substance and then minimal actual participation from the OP.

One might hope that as CHealy7 “can’t be bothered to write a decent OP” after several years of threads like this, he might consider what the point of posting them at all is.

Top tip: it is extremely difficult to get a world leader to “resign in disgrace” (as the UK are currently finding out) and they certainly are not and were never going to do so on such flimsy premises as these. And if one wishes to argue that they should, then one should actually present an argument rather than dropping a “here’s a link/what do you think” OP and running away.

So noted and appreciated. We should find out whether Obama used “enormity” just to mean “big”. If so, he should resign in disgrace.

I contend that the OP is really a badly abused lab monkey somewhere in China. Lately they’ve been playing with his dosages. Because if he is really a human being, we need to recalibrate the IQ scale downwards to fit him in.

If he’s really a human being, then it’s animal cruelty.

If CHealy7 really wants to know what people think it takes for a head of state to resign in disgrace, he (or she) could open an IMHO topic asking “what would it take for you to think a head of state should resign in disgrace? What would it take for you to think a head of state would resign in disgrace?”

Or a FQ topic asking, “which heads of state have actually resigned in disgrace, and under what circumstances?”


@CHealy7 being interviewed on Fox News:

This is too silly even for Fox. OAN, maybe…

I think CHealy7 is a persona adopted by a rotating cast of characters.

Say, the person with the least time in service at a troll farm somewhere in St. Petersburg.

Now I feel sad that maybe there Is an abused lab monkey somewhere. And it’s shaking it’s head at CHealy7.:hear_no_evil:

Like an anti-Dread Pirate Roberts!

Where have you gone, @CHealy7?

A messageboard turns its lonely eyes to you.

He’s fellating Putin’s dog.

Oh boy, that’s a lot more hazardous than it sounds. Have you seen his dog?

So, he’s down in Mar-a-Lago?

Right wing media threw everything at Obama no matter how tenuous the link so the fact this got very little play from them must mean there is nothing here to look at.

Trump only dreams of being Putin’s dog.

Seriously, @CHealy7 . (Are you still there?) Why are you bringing this up now? Just getting caught up in the backlog of the news, eh?

I still think Obama should have resigned in disgrace after wearing that tan suit.