Bataan Death March Reaches Topeka!

Maybe she was just listing her references, like the natural food market she used to work at “Bannon’s Health Mart”?

“Happens all the time, Ma’am. It’s the static from that other brand of cellular. Just switch to _____ digital wireless, and it will all be clear.”

“Oh, okay. But can I keep the corpse?”

Well, the elderly, unresponsive woman found in Smith’s home is Smith herself. The body has not been positively identified. but a woman she had said was her daughter has not been seen since March, and voter records list such a person as living there.

Sad situation. One of those who interviewed her for the YWA job, and had checked professional and education references, said those all checked, and at the time she didn’t mention wartime service. She also said it was a shame what had happened, because her true work record was so outstanding. Former associates are saying she had a gift for her counseling the teenagers. Sad, sad, sad.

A friend of mine used to work with her (she’s also a social worker in Topeka).

Apparently the elderly woman (Juanita) told her coworkers that the daughter (most likely the decomposing body) had moved to Nebraska in March.

I’m really confused. If I’ve read the quote in the OP correctly, the story seems to be:
sometime in March: elderly woman dies
May: Jaunita Smith is profiled in the paper, claims to be Bataan survivor
Later that same month:Her claim is exposed, she resigns.
Late June: Decomposing body of the woman dead since March, and believed to be Jaunita Smith, is found.


" Days after an elderly social service worker admitted concocting a story about surviving the Bataan Death March, the decomposed body of a woman was found in her home."

Just have to say that this is going on my Top Ten list of greatest news story leads.

Eve writes (quoting from the news story):

> According to voter registration records, Shannon N. Smith, 39, was registered
> at the same address.

Baker writes:

> The article in the Capital-Journal said that various ages have been listed for
> Smith, but the May 2nd article, in which she told her “story” again, said she
> was 86.

So she was 46 or 47 when her daughter was born? Hmm, maybe this is how she counselled those teenage girls. “Hey, you don’t have to have kids now. You can wait thirty years like I did.”

She could have been involved in the Phillipines death of the host of “The $64,000 Question”, the Bataan Death of Hal March.

The following is a link to a story on the website of a Topeka television station.


Her dead daughter has been in her home since March?!? The woman has just got to have some form of dementia.