Beck's Update: second kidney successfully removed

Beckdawrek had some exploratory surgery scheduled for today to see if her leftover kidney would need to come out. If so they would remove it while she was open and asleep. This is the latest info from her youngest daughter:

Mr. Mike…
This is Brooke. Mother is in the middle of the surgery.
The surgeon just told us they’ve decided to not wake her up but go ahead and remove the kidney.
They said she’s doing fine under anesthesia.
It will be at least 2hours.

Thanks for your concern, I keep you posted.

Beck didn’t want y’all to worry, so I worried for us all.

Thank you for sharing the info, dropzone. Lots of positive energy going Beck’s way.

This is the one time that “thoughts and prayers” are appropriate. Beck and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thank you.

I hope everything goes good good good.

Hear, hear!

Thank you for sharing.

Thoughts and prayers coming across the ocean.

Thanks for the info, dropzone.

Yes. Very much.


The Latest:

Mr. Mike.
Mother is out of surgery.
She’s giving them heck in recovery. Trying to wake up is always hard for her.

The surgeon said it went fine. We’ll know more after the kidney is fully checked.

As soon as I get in to see her I’ll provide another update.


Thanks very much for updates, dropzone.

Hoping for everything to go as well as possible, Beck.

Thank you so much for the report and update, dropzone. Sending her hugs, prayers, good vibes, and positive thoughts.

Mr. Mike,
I got in to see Mother. She looked good but was in pain. They won’t allow any of us stay here at night. I’ll wait til they put her in a room and go home.
I don’t think I’ll be updating again til in the morning.

Thanks for helping me get the news out. She was very agitated about you guys on the MB/chat room knowing her condition.

Thanks again.


Thanks for keeping us posted. I don’t recall, has there been discussion of a transplant? Are there any viable donors?

(And also, pass along my best to Beck via her daughter. I’ve gotten very fond of her and I want her to be alive and as well as possible. She has verve!)

Thank you, again, dropzone. I’m glad to learn that Beck came through the surgery well.

She says her doc says she’s a lousy candidate for a transplant, but you can ask her in person in a few days.

Folks, don’t tell her but I expected a negative outcome and am relieved.

My best to Beck.

I’m so sorry that it came to this. I hope recovery goes smoothly.

Positive Vibes sent her way. TY for keeping us updated.

Oh dear. I hope recovery is fast and smooth.