Beer, glorious beer!

Tuborg, Tuborg and more Tuborg. I don’t believe in paying too much money for beer - in fact, I don’t believe in thinking too much about beer. Beer and thought don’t go well together.

I tried this from a keg one time, and, well, it turned my stomach upside-down.

I remembered a few more beers that I enjoy, though: Yuengling, Harp, Amber Bock, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and Corona Light.*

*Corona Light is the tolerable option when faced with a selection of Heineken, [random domestic like Budweiser], or Corona.

Right now the regulars are Souther Tier Phin and Matt’s, Ithaca Brewing’s Caskazilla, and Czechvar/Budvar.
I’m very excited about Budvar being more available in the US with the new agreement with A-B. I just hope that the quality doesn’t go down now that thet giant beer company is involved with it.

First post-it seems to me that a thread about beer is a good place to start.

I’m a big fan of Big Daddy IPA from Speakeasy and Proving Ground IPA from Magnolia.

I recently had Shiner 97 in San Antonio. I was familiar with Shiner Bock but not “97” which turns out to be the latest in an annual celebratory countdown to their 100th birthday.

I drove from Philly to Delaware to get a few cases, since it is not sold in PA (long story, likely dating back to prohibition) and since there is a finite amount of it out there (next year will be Shiner 98).

If is a great dark beer, with a bit of a chocolate taste. It is better as it gets warmer, abd everyone who comes over loves it. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a dark beer.

I’m currently drinking Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale, or Chimmay. Both exceptional. I’m going to have to look up and try some of the others suggested here though.

I love these threads. So many names to add to my shopping list.

I’m also gratified to see that my personal favorite beer, Anchor Steam, already got a shout-out. :slight_smile:

My favorite all-purpose beer remains Negra Modelo. Dark and smooth. Mmmm.

I also really love Widmer Hefeweizen, Saranac Caramel Porter, and MacTarnahan’s Blackwatch Cream Porter, when I can get them.

phungi, Shiner 97 sounds like something I’d adore.

Rarely do I have beer in the house (there might be a Blue Moon or two sitting around right now) but if I were to speculate on what is most likely to inhabit the fridge next, either Tennent’s Lager or, if I can find it around here, Smithwicks.

I’m not drinking anything right now, but I’m thinking about a nice Elliot Ness Amber Lager or an Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, both from the venerable Great Lakes Brewing Company

Homebrew! Hop it to hell, high ABV, low ABV, dark, light, do what you like!

Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout is beer Nirvana. This is what a stout should taste like. Rich and flavorful.

When I’m in the mood for something lighter, I groove on Belhaven Scottish Ale. It has a smooth, nutty flavor. Being in the US, I’m only exposed to Belhaven’s export varieties. Anyone know how they compare to the stuff available in the UK?

You are not missing a darn thing. Not a very good beer, no matter where you get it from.

No one has mentioned many red ales. I like an occasional Jamaican Red from Mad River, when I’m not drinking Guinness. Deschutes Black Butte Porter is also recommended.

Hell yes! I think I actually have a four-pack of the Oatmeal in my cupboard. I need to check that.

The Black Butte Porter is my beer of choice at the Thursday evening watering hole.

Black Butte Porter is one of the few beers I will almost refuse to drink. It is my least favorite beer.

Somebody mentioned Youngs Double Chocolate Stout. That beer is used as a treat when I feel I need it. Yum yum

Well hi, neighbour! I also enjoy Great Basin Brewery, although I’m partial to the classic Icky IPA. In fact, I might see if Mr. Bunny feels like popping over there tonight.

Usually though, I’m a devout Rogue drinker.

Oddly, considering how much I despise coffee, I’m really into porters at the moment.

Fuller’s London Porter is a staple in my fridge and is definitely the best example of a porter I’ve found (and I’ve had quite a few now)

Real Ale Brewing Company’s Shade Grown Coffee Porter is fantastic, but I’ve only been able to find that on-tap, and I don’t really want to trek into Dallas every time I want one. What I wouldn’t give for a 6-pack…

Breckenridge’s Vanilla Porter is an interesting one. Every instinct in my body says I shouldn’t like it - it’s kind of sweet and almost tastes like Vanilla Coke which I depise - and yet I really enjoyed it. Not as much as the above two, but certainly as something different.

I still have a couple of Shiner 97’s left, which are decent enough, some Sam Adams Doublebock (again, good, but definitely no Ayinger Celebrator), a couple of different Unibroue’s and a Dogfish Head 90 Minute (awesome!). I’ve also got a 750ml bottle of St. Bernadus Abt 12. I’ve not tried it yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity.

I like Delerium Tremens, a beer named after the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. The bottle is covered in pink elephants and other weird crap. It’s a tasty and very alcoholic Belgian ale with apricot overtones. Truly, it is the champagne of beers–it’s bubbly as fuck and quite sweet. A nice dessert beer, or for people who don’t drink much beer at all.

In the fridge right now is Negra Modelo and Blue Moon Wheat, (this just got here to the foothills a few months ago, Mrs. Fool and I are giving it a spin across the floor).
For an after work beer, the local saloon serves Redhook’s ESB.