Beginner sewing projects for men?


It’s squirmy stuff to mark and cut and you need to either use a flexi/stretch stich on the machine or tape the seams. Leave it alone for now.

A better PJs option would be to find a medical scrubs pattern and then you can have fun with calico / quilting cotton for colors and patterns, or just stay basic and make them from muslin.

My mom is a beginning sewist. Her favorite thing to make is pillow cases, either for bed pillows, for small pillow forms she buys at the craft store, or for her existing couch pillows.

She has the most fun picking out fabric for the pillow cases. She made some cool “mashups” for me and my brother. He got a Stas Wars fabric with a Star Trek trim, and mine was Care Bears with a Muppets trim.

Do you have a dog or cat? This bed would be easy to make.

I’ve thought about getting a sewing machine just for this alone. Good-quality dog beds are godawful expensive, and rectangular covers would be pretty easy to make. The insides can be pillows or egg crate foam.

As others have said, pillows and curtains, table cloths and napkins are great beginner projects and will save you a ton and really dress up your space. I did a lot of drapes just recently, not just for decor, but to insulate the windows. It’s cut the heating bills down about 10-15%. I second the notion for pet beds, and pet toys are fun projects too. I use clothes that are due to be tossed, especially jeans to make tough pet toys.

Tote bags of various kind are pretty easy. Make a gun bag. A padded case for musical instrument? Covers for your golf club?

Of course, there is nothing manlier than making lingerie for your lady. Honest.