Bell Peppers

When preparing bell peppers, I usually suggest using a knife to remove the white fibrous material inside and leaving only dark green flesh. This is a common technique used in preparing hot peppers, most of the hot spice is in the seeds and the white fibrous material supporting the seed structures, remove all that and the peppers are less hot. I do this with even non-hot green peppers and it seems to improve the taste. Try this and see how your wife likes it.

I love hot peppers, but this is pretty close to what bell peppers do for me (icky biiter, soapy taste). And I’ve been told it may very well be an allergy as well.

Me too, Osakadave. To make matters more fun, if I’m really lucky I’ll get a stomachache from the deal. And yet I like spicy foods.

Cooking them doesn’t help. They still taste horrid and then they’re slimy on top of everything else. Lucky me, I wisely moved to a country that thinks red peppers are just the best thing that ever happened to pizza. And to fake Chinese food. And to just about every kind of convenience food you could think of :rolleyes: I’ve gotten very good at spotting the little beasties and removing them before they get anywhere near my mouth.

Funny thing, both my kids adore bell peppers. Raw strips. They eat 'em like potato chips. <shudder>

Funny thing - I’ve done almost the same thing. It’s almost impossible to get a pizza without bell peppers here in Japan.

Just to add my 2¢…

I don’t find bell peppers to be especially hot…

EXCEPT the seeds which are so spicy, they’re unbearable.