Best #1 single of the decade: the 1960s

  1. Simon & Garfunkel
  2. Animals
  3. Beatles - A hard day’s night

with a considerable distance between each.

This exactly.

I can’t get no, a no no no!

I still remember how that song absolutely crushed the airwaves in the summer of 1965. The Beatles were a better band overall, but there’s no single song of theirs that I’d put up against this one.

QFT. Which of the two is better? Depends on my mood on any given day. They’re both fantastic songs.

But “Satisfaction” beats both.

It seems like a tough competition, as most of those songs are still well played and well known. I went with Sound of Silence, but House of Rising Sun and Respect would’ve been my other choices. Although I like The Beatles, my favorite songs from them did not advance.

It’s a fun song, but like a lot of pre-Invasion stuff, it’s just not in the same league as the best stuff from 1964 and later. So it won’t get many votes, not because it’s bad, but because it’s simply outclassed.

Anyone remember the Bobbitt version of this song? :wink:

I would express it by saying the Beatles are better musicians, but Satisfaction is a more iconic song. It’s really nice to have trouble picking because all the songs are awesome.

Thanks, Smapti, for doing these threads.


I went with my favorite–certainly not the most iconic on this list of songs from the 60s–“Something.”

Seems the Stones have pulled ahead of the Fab Four. I have no problem with that.

Me neither. “Satisfaction” is a fabulous, iconic song. It was that or “Hard Day’s Night” for me, and HDN won because, well it’s the 60s and The Beatles! (And it has an awesome opening chord.)

I went with “House of the Rising Sun” because it seems to me to be a perfect blend of the musical styles right before and right after its release.

I know I’ve listened to “Something” several times, but it’s one of those songs that leaves my memory as soon as it’s over.