Best #1 single of the year retrospective: 2001

It’s just a generic rap beat thrown over a Red Hot Chili Peppers song (“Pretty Little Ditty.”)

Well, similar things have been done before, with stellar results.

Yes, they have indeed.

So that’s why the guitar sounded so familiar! How did I never notice that before?

And you forgot to add “incredibly trite lyrics” to your description.

“Ms. Jackson”, with “Fallin’” just a pubic hair behind.

This was tighter than the buttocks of a straight man on his way to jail, but Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” wins, finishing just barely higher than Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” in the world-famous Ponch8 Music Rating System. I’m surprised to see “It Wasn’t Me” only has one vote so far.

In dead-ass last place is Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women Part I.” Sure, Nickelback’s song sucks, but it was tolerable the first few times I heard it. That’s more than I can say about anything else Nickelback ever did.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I’d ever love it or hate it. It’s a pretty mediocre song.

A while back, I peeked at next year’s (2002’s) list. There’s one great song, one OK song, and a bunch of garbage. I have a feeling we may see one song (deservedly) take over 50% of the votes next year.

Don’t like anything here, so I went with Bootylicious for having a great line: “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”

I didn’t hate pop music in 2001, so I’m assuming there’s better stuff that didn’t make it to #1.

Hmm…I had to finally cheat and look ahead, and I’m guessing you’re right. I don’t agree with your full synopsis, but there are two songs that should leave the field behind.

Not any more - but I’m surprised too. I don’t like the style of music represented by most songs on the list including this one, but I think it’s quite fun. Otherwise I would have voted for Nickelback purely for it being a rock song, but I don’t think it’s a particularly good rock song.

It’s bad. But the line “closer than my peeps you are to me” from “Angel” is one of those lyrics that makes me want to rip my ears out.

Came down to Shaggy (“It Wasn’t Me”) and Alicia Keys. Went with Shaggy, as Ms. Keys is already feeling the love.