Best #1 single of the year retrospective: 2003

Hey Ya is a better song but In Da Club was HUGE.

Good year for music.

Oh, good. I was starting to feel alone for these last couple years. These last couple years have been good.

Part of what makes Hey Ya great is that it is unlike all the other pop/rock songs.

Milkshake or Justin Timberlake might’ve tempted me away from Outkast, but probably not. The easiest pick since Eminem in 2002.

“Hey Ya” was 2003’s version of “Happy.” Easy victory.

Not only have I never heard of them, I also don’t remember ever hearing any of them before.

So abstain, I guess.


This is what I thought too, but after reading some other repies, I checked and I do know Hey Ya!. I kind of like it, and find it clever, so I’ll vote for it.
When the 2013 poll came out, I didn’t think I’d ever heard any of those either, but I dutifully tracked down and listened to the options, and found one or two I knew. I’m not checking all the songs any more, though.

Yeah, easiest choice of all these. We’re now at the point where there is truly a complete divorce between different types of music so the Billboard #1 hits reflect a fraction of the music industry - but “Hey Ya!” was a work of genius.

It’s hardly worth it for me to jump on the bandwagon, but this is “Hey Ya” in a runaway. That song ran the score up so much that Dominic Raiola just tried to break its knees.

I’ve never felt so white in my life. I’ve watched the video three times. I enjoy watching the gorgeous women who are being paid to swoon over the band, but damned if I can find anything at all to like about the music or lyrics.

Awright awright awright awright awright – Shake, shake, shake it like a Polaroid picture… it’s a fun song and sometimes that’s the best you can ask for. I smile when I hear it.

As mentioned earlier Beyoncé herself was a phenom but her numbers in this list suffer for being good but not particularly different.

Hey Ya is by far my least favorite Outkast song. By far. I went with B2K for fond memories of (I think) middle school. They could get it.

Congrats to Outkast’s Andre Benjamin who just scored a Best Actor nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards for his marvelous portrayal of Jimi Hendrix earlier this year.

Outkast is one of the few hip hop acts I genuinely quite like. I think “B.O.B” is brilliant.