Best amusement parks?

Now if we’re talking prisons, the wife and I visited Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia in April. Highly recommended. Castle-looking, left in a decayed state. They use it as a haunted house for Halloween. Briefly held Al Capone.

And yet it’s owned by the same people who own Cedar Point.

Valleyfair’s got the “largest amusement park in the state or any bordering state” going for it. Doesn’t really have any competition.

BTW, I’m going to Six Flags Great America next week for the first time in 16 years.

I’ll just add another vote for Hershey. I have enjoyed it whenever I went.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Cedar Point yet.

Another vote for Knoebels if you want to step back in time, plus the food is awesome.

Six Flags great adventure brings back so many memories for me. I’d definitely hit it. Even with the long lines it’s still worth it

Thorpe Park. Really.

We live in the same city as RickJay and have been to Canada’s Wonderland twice in the last two weeks.

There are a ton of coasters. Some of them are very good. I have been going there since I was three (when it opened) and I go every summer. The newest coasters Leviathan and Behemoth rival some of the coasters at Cedar Point.

But there is nowhere, NOWHERE like Cedar Point. They have Millenium Force. I am very partial to wooden coasters and they have Mean Streak. It is the sixth tallest wooden coaster in the world at 161 feet. It is by far the best coaster I have ever ridden. (Second would be Millenium Force.)

Someone bumped this so I thought I’d update:
I dropped the idea of going to Cedar Point this year when I heard there was a new B&M Wing Coaster being built for next year. Instead we’re going to the Outer Banks and Chesapeake Bay area, which means Kings Dominion here we come.

You’re also pretty close to Busch Gardens - Williamsburg. Their suspended coaster (car dangles from track attachment point) The Big Bad Wolf was taken down and replaced to a new inverted coaster (car attached to tracks by the topside with legs dangling free) that looks way better.

On the other hand, it’s not really a thrill park and you have to have a tolerance for their faux ethnic zones which are cheesy in the extreme. On the other other hand you can see some of the Budweiser Clydesdales, who live there, if you’re into that.

re: Cedar Point, the Gatekeeper is replacing Disaster Transport, but since that was a totally worthless coaster, I’m super excited to hear about it being replaced with something that looks kickass. B&M built the Raptor, which is a stunningly fun coaster that’s also exceptionally comfortable.