Best Governor of California lines

Are these “best lines” threads re-producing or something? :slight_smile: Anyway, thought I’d start a thread with the best quotes from Arnie…

“Consider that a divorce”

“You mess with me… you mess with my whole family.”

Let’s add in other governor lines!!

This stuff’ll make you a god damn sexual tyranosaurus, just like me!

Grease my palm …

I mean, oil me back! …

Er, I’ll be back!

Up and at them!


Well if we’re including Ventura,

“I ain’t got time to bleed”

Speaking of Jesse Ventura, he had a great line on the Bill Maher show last month. He was complaining about Californians rallying against gas-guzzling, smog-belching SUV’s, and said, “I dare you to come spend two months of winter in Minnesota, and then tell me you don’t need an SUV to get around!”

Bill Maher asked him, “What did you do before SUV’s?”

Jesse: “We got stuck in the snow, Bill.”

Oh, and there’s a Ventura, California. Coincidence? I think not…

Scene from McBain movie “Let’s Get Silly”, with McBain on stage in front of a brick wall

McBain: Did you ever notice that when men go to the bathroom, they leave the toilet seat up. … That’s the joke.

Guy in Audience: You suck McBain!

McBain quickly takes out a machine gun and fires wildly into the audience

McBain: Here is my Woody Allen impression. Hello, I am a neurotic nerd who likes to sleep with little girls.

Guy in Audience: That really sucked, McBain!

McBain takes out a grenede, pulls the pin, and launches it into the audience