Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1991

I went with Lenny Kravitz over REM. Losing my Religion was good…but Lenny was better.

Motownphilly was probably in my top 4 of this list. Can’t believe it doesn’t have a single vote. That song kicked off Boyz II Men mania of the 90s. Man, they were huge.

And I don’t recall such a run away. REM 41 votes to 12 votes for second place.

In the end I gave my vote to Rod Stewart.

I have never seen a year in which a majority of songs have received no votes at all.

That is saying something.

There have been a few in the #1 polls, especially in later years when fewer songs reached #1 each year. In 2002, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” beat the second-place song 75 to 10. The following year, Outkast’s “Hey Ya” won 100 to 9.

The only track on this list that fails to make me want to shake babies is R.E.M…

and I happen to really like that song.

here it is in a major key

Well, that was easy. Just one song on this list that I love, “High Enough”.

And I’m the only one who voted for it.